Sunday, October 05, 2008

confessions of a lurker!!!!!

All right, I have confessed it.......... I, Mr. Daddy am a lurker.

Please forgive me.

After Rach got involved in blogging, and sharing with me all of your stories. I have to admit to (occasionally) ???????? looking at the blogs that she is involved with.

Most make me laugh, and bring a smile to my face, and spread a little joy in my heart.

Some make me sit in wonderment of how people endure and still speak of hope and peace and love...(and not only to speak it but to live it)

And some just break my heart.

It brings to mind that old Bread song: "It's only words, but words are all I have to steal you heart away."

Now it's not that I am trying to steal anything from you guys (gals)..... LOL what I'm saying is that your words have got into my heart.

And words are all I have to give a little back.

If I was a little more computer literate, (Rach has to help me turn it on) I would just leave comments, but as it is some of your blogs dazzle me to the point of not knowing which links to hit....LOL. And after I sign onto hers I usually end up hitting a wrong key, and sending everything to oblivion.

Anyway I was visiting Melody's Slurping Life this morning, (boy can that gal express herself with words) and I was reading her post about lying naked on the floor and some of her other poems. and I got to thinking that we are all connected in life, and I wanted to thank her for sharing those perspectives.

AND IT HIT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a lurker!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this what it feels like to finally come out of the closet??????????????? AAaaarrrrgggg!!

(I really don't want to know the answer to that!!!!!)

So being a lurker, with very strong computer challenges, what to do?

After long deliberations, I came up with the idea, of taking the liberty of a mass confession.
less chance of personal critisim that way..................

Throwing caution to the wind, here it is......................

The Lurker

Hello I’m the lurker.
The voices unheard, the faces unseen.

I travel lightly.
With little baggage it seems.

And though I leave nothing behind,
But slight traces, that I have been.

I take away treasuers ,
Of ideas, thoughts, and plans.

So bloggers beware,
I will always be here.

With narry a comment,
Or feedback to share.

So please,
Take no offense. To my lurking about.

You have no idea,
Of the blessing you shout out.

So just for once I will come out of my shell,
To thank you humbly, for all that you tell.

Of silver and gold, I have very little,
And worldly goods are so very fickle.

Here’s a big thank you,
From one lurker, who’s grateful…………………



Sara said...

Dear Lurker,

I loved your post. I love lurkers and I love lurking. I read blogs that I never right into. I, too, get a lot out of blogs, even if I don't share it. I never mind lurkers on mine. Of course, I like knowing what others think, but I never care if I don't get a comment or not.

LOVED the poem--you rock!
Rachel-you picked a keeper. :)


Anonymous said...

Mr. Daddy! Love that you de-lurked on my blog.

Rachel, help him out with the blogging tech stuff, ok?

Mr. Daddy, thank you for your kind words and the linky love. Your poem is fabulous, and just know, I hold no grudges against lurkers. :)

Killlashandra said...

Oh that's too cute! Melody has a great site too. :)

If I remember correctly at one point there was a meme flying around about national delurker day when people were supposed to comment on the blogs they read. I haven't seen that one in a while, but the poem reminded me.

Stacy said...

Wonderful poem, Mr. Daddy!

I think everyone is guilty of lurking on blogs and not commenting all the time. I have lots of lurkers on mine.

Melody is wonderful, isn't she?? :)