Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The difference a few hours makes...

So we're driving... past a house that normally looks like this:

Can you believe the addition my camera captured that same day?

What? You don't see anything unusual?

Let me give you a bit of zoom.


At the risk of totally offending someone; (allow me to rant - I would love to see your comments, whether if you agree or disagree)... HORSES DESERVE THEIR OWN SPACE, AS SAFE AS YOU CAN MAKE IT.

Preferrably free of the mass of children's toys that aren't visible in the above pictures. There are a million things for this poor horse to trip over get injured on. The yard slopes back and is littered with debris and miscellaneous car parts.

I gotta say, I've seen people in the yard with this horse (and a friend has seen the horse be fed from the front door); it seems friendly and ground manners appear decent. It just simply is a really dangerous place for a four-legged friend.

While I'm ranting, I am also being super-grateful for the opportunity to finally have a horse at home. We have a run-in shelter and trees, multiple pastures and plenty of hay and feed. We are truly blessed.

I realize that not every horse-lover has an ideal space for one. I just believe that you should do all you can to make sure you aren't creating hazards for people or pets.

While the yard bugged me, the idea of scooting past my horse on my porch on my way to work in the morning did earn a grin.

Anything give you a double-take this week?


He & Me + 3 said...

That is just crazy. I have seen it all now. Wow! I have to agree with you.

Stacy said...

Oh good Lord! If you don't have a place to keep a horse fenced in, don't get one! Just think about the horse pooping on the kids toys...it just isn't sanitary or safe for the horse or the kids. Crazy people.

Of course when I was growing up our goat had free range of the farm. We had an 1/8 mile driveway and she usually stayed by the barn which was well set back from the house. When my parents were trying to sell it to stay out of bankruptcy, Daisy walked into the house when people came to look at it. They left the door open and she thought she would come in and see what was going on! Yeah, they didn't buy the farm. ;)

Killlashandra said...

Well, that's not the best place for the horse I have to agree. Although I've seen many horses stored in yards before due to lack of pens or a barn or anything at all. I'm just surprised the horse actually went up the steps to the front porch. Now that is Mr. Ed Behavior. ;)

Julie said...

Did you turn this into Fugly Horse of the Day? :)

Julie said...

We are about an hour south of Seattle too so we couldn't be too far from each other.

I think I found out about FHOTD from your blog list when I first visited your site about a month or so ago. And I found you through Slurping Life if I remember correctly. I've been addicted to FHOTD since I first visited and I get really bummed when she doesn't post. I would have horse(s) if I had the property and money. Some day.

Julie said...

We used to live down your way. Right now it's about half hour to you (depending on traffic of course) which would be totally worth it for a horseback ride. I may just take you up on your offer sometime. Maybe when I can leave my youngest for a little longer. He's a nurse-a-holic right now. :)