Sunday, October 05, 2008


No, it's not me...

I just wanted to throw out links to a couple of cute giveaways that I stumbled across.

The Zawisza Tribune is a fun read and has links for other giveaways as well. Heidi herself is giving away an awesome bulletin board for you to design yourself! This is the one she did for her son, and gosh darn it, it would be perfect for Itty Bit!

So go check out her giveaway post!


The second one is because I am the most fun auntie on the planet, yet I am sadly lacking in the sewing skills department (actually, it's not so much sewing itself, but sewing in a straight line, go figure).

Anyhow, this is TOO cute!

This little red riding hood coat would be perfect on my littlest neice (she's got those huge eyes and rosy cheeks - perfect I say!)

Anyway, Grosgrain is giving it away here. If that is her daughter in the pictures, she is emminently adorable.


Heidi Zawisza said...

At Grosgrain that IS her daughter, and she is cute isn't she?? Anyways, thanks for the shout out, and GOOD LUCK!

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