Saturday, October 18, 2008

A glimpse

A little taste of what life can be like after a kiddo wakes up from his nap a bit grumpy:

Mommy: Can I have a hug?

Itty Bit: Chocolate Milk.

Mommy: Okay, here's your chocolate milk.

Itty Bit: Tractor Movie.

Mommy: Okay, I'll put your tractor movie on.

Itty Bit: Airplane.

Mommy: You want Jay Jay the Jet Plane?

Itty Bit: Yeah (vigorous head nodding)

Mommy: Okay, let me get Jay Jay the Jet Plane.

getting Jay Jay the Jet Plane and putting it in the dvd player.
the opening credits start to roll and suddenly Itty Bit is crying.

Mommy: What's the matter honey? Look, there's Jay Jay!

an absurdly ridiculous dancing attempt to sing along to the theme song


Mommy: I thought you wanted Jay Jay?

Itty Bit: (tearfully) Yeah.

Mommy: Okay, there's Jay Jay. Let's watch it.

Itty Bit: NOOOOOO!!! TRACTOR!!!!

Mommy: You want the tractor movie?

Itty Bit: JAY JAY!

Mommy sighs and tries the next logical step.
Oh wait, this is a TWO-YEAR-OLD... logic doesn't work

Mommy: Okay, here's the Jay Jay movie, and here's the tractor movie. Which one do you want to watch?

Itty Bit: Tractor Movie!

Mommy: Okay, I'm putting the tractor movie in.


instant hysterical crying

Mommy: You said you wanted the tractor movie???

putting the Jay Jay movie into the poor overworked dvd tray

Itty Bit leans back on the cushions and goes to work on the chocolate milk.

meanwhile, Mommy is mumbling to herself and packing every single toddler movie into the Goodwill box.
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Killlashandra said...

I laughed out loud at this one. Been there experienced that and yep, makes me wish to ship all those kids movies to goodwill too. And we don't even have very many of them. But I swear if I have to watch Elmo Potty time again I'm going to lose it. I swear it may have helped with potty training initially but now it just drives everyone buggy! ;)