Friday, October 03, 2008

It's Super Toddler


Our household superhero is at it again.
He regularly amazes with his feats and comes to the rescue during any dull moment.

He can open childproof bottles with his bare hands.

He can leap over through large puddles in a single bound.

He can pee through a size 4 Pampers with the greatest of ease.

He can run in circles for a full 15 minutes before bedtime.

He can charm a smile out of the grumpiest salesperson.

He can make a liar out of any “guaranteed spillproof” sippy cup.

He can count all ten of his index fingers (nevermind that he often forgets 3 and 4).

His whine or laugh can be heard for 3.18 miles.

He can create the largest bathtub tidal wave known to man.

He can consume more strawberries in a single sitting than either of his parents.

His supersonic hearing can detect the quiet opening of a Ben & Jerry’s snack at 11pm.

He can sleep in any moving vehicle, location, or position.

He can grow a full inch overnight.

He can live off toast and apples and corn on the cob.

He is the tiniest member of our family, yet somehow completes it.

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