Thursday, October 02, 2008

New discovery

It was smooth sailing

until last night...

when my kid discovered


laundry will never be the same.


Killlashandra said...

Yeah and once they discover them there's no ending what you find in the bottom of the washing machine either! LMAO

Rachel said...

GOLLY... I'm still having trouble getting my GROWN MAN to empty his pockets!

This week has been a combination of ear plugs, graham crackers, coins, paper, etc.

My rule is that if I find it in the laundry, it's mine :)

Stacy said... are so RIGHT! I'm sure will start to find rocks, cars, balls, etc in the washer/dryer after laundry. He's adorable with his hands in the pockets like that. :)

Ice Cream said...

Pockets are the bain of my laundry existence. There are 6 people here that use their pockets. Times that by a minimum of 4-6 pairs worn by each every week. Then times that by 4-6 (amount of pockets per pair) and I have to check a lot of pockets. It's scary because I never know what I'm gonna find.

Jaime said...

Oh, pockets are so fun! I wash Legos, rocks and such often! Luckily, no bugs for my boys! Whew! :-)