Sunday, October 05, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Ahh, such a busy week – yet there was so much I did not do!

I certainly didn’t give my kid a vanilla frap (uh, like I didn’t two weeks ago either), and if I had, I would have made sure this one didn’t have coffee.

I didn’t laugh uproariously at work when I had to call the doctor and someone typed “GROPE Health”, instead of “Group Health”.

I didn’t click my tongue and tell my toddler to “TROT” when I meant for him to quit dawdling. I mean, that only works with horses, right?

My kiddo is reluctant to try new things. Knowing he’d love caramel, I certainly did not stick some on my finger, then trick him into opening his mouth. “Stick your tongue out at Mommy!” and end up smearing the caramel all over his teeth and chin. That woulda been mean, huh?

(uh, yeah… he loves caramel)

It wouldn’t have been me who used my ear infection and nausea-inducing meds as an excuse to sleep in this weekend. Mr. Daddy is a saint for entertaining the kiddo.

It wasn’t me who got busted singing “Polly Wolly Doodle” to Itty Bit in the Safeway bathroom.

Surely, it wasn’t me who posted this picture of Mr. Daddy on the blog. He’s already sworn swift revenge for publication of any unauthorized photos. See, even if I had… it would only be to show you my tough hunter guy who doesn’t get beat up by his skinny 2-year-old…

(yeah, I so can't wait to see what awful picture he's going to find of me next)

What's everyone else not been doing this week?


Weeksie50 said...

I always laugh at inappropriate times.. I really try hard not to but that just makes it worse..ugh.

Jennifer said...

My old man doesn't read my blog, so I would be safe with the embarassing photos! Great Not me's!

Anonymous said...

I also did NOT allow my toddler to have a mocha big train this last week (forgot to add that one to MY not me...) anyhoo--loved your list of NOT ME's!!

Killlashandra said...

Funny post. I'd like to say I'd rather not have been involved in anything on Monday. Gee, took the truck to the shop, my boss's wife's car got stolen, 4-H is all screwed up, and class seriously made my head hurt. Blah, I'm just glad it's tuesday. ;)