Friday, October 24, 2008

What"s in Chocolate?

I was reading Melody's blog the other day, and I gotta say that MOST of the time her thoughts are just!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WELL! thought provoking, and very evocative.

On this particular post there was one statement, that just?????????

O! O! O! what can I say, just left me blank---------

I mean BLANK like in what the H. Just happened??????????(you know that look guy's get when they are in a group of gals and something is said, and they don't get it, and they get that deer in the headlight look???????) GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!! Big time!

Let me try and explain.
  • I love the orange Halloween lights around my door
I get it:o) thought of home, warm and fuzzy feelings, family. (not too hard)
  • The boys made me do the orange lights thing...thanks guys
I get it:o) interaction with Mom, special moments, and memories
  • Plastic mice rawk (thanks again, boys!)
I get it:o) (see above statement)
  • The air smells best in autumn
WOW! I get it:o) A kaliedeoscope of memories and thoughts
  • Love the feel of paint on my hands
I get it:o) not much of a painter, but understand the concept of loving what makes you happy
  • Creativity fuels life
I get it:o) Maybe not the way a mother does. But at least on the basic level.
  • My toes are kind of cute
I get it:o) Not yours.....But Rach has the cutest toes..(don't tell her I told) Please!!!! I mean Yours might be??? I'm just saying?????? How does a guy get himself in these predicaments??????(deer in the headlight look here)

Moving right along!
  • The best is yet to come..always
I get it:o) You betcha it is:o)
  • Being older is freedom, if you take care of yourself
I think I get it!!!LOL having a two year old at my age doesn't feel much like freedom????But is an absolute blessing.........insert thought: (maybe you can take a little too good of care??????)
  • Leaves cushion your path in autumn...take a walk
I get it:o) love the sound of the oak leaves swishing when I walk.......
  • Art is better than sleep
I get it:o) not much of an artist but can grasp the concept.....(grin)
  • Sex is better than art
I get it:o) But after the toe fiasco..........not even gonna touch this one!!!!!!!

  • Sometimes you have to eat the dark chocolate all at once
I DON'T GET IT:o( ??????????? is this a woman is from Venus and a guy is from Mars kinda thing??????????

I mean Melody!!!!!!!!!!!!! You might as well have put me in a round room! and told me to take a leak in the corner?????????????

I have no conceptual imagery, or thoughts or memories for relating??????

Why wouldn't you eat it all at once??????

Is it for hoarding and only bringing out occasionally??????

What is chocolate really for then?????????

MAN! I just don't get this:o(
  • A Self portrait at midnight is fun
I get this:o) haven't tried one at midnight!! But been there done that:o)

  • Smiling makes life better
I get this:o) Love to smile:o)
  • You have a beautiful smile
I get this:o) thanks for the compliment:::::: So do you:o)
  • Go...make your life what you want...
I get this too:o) been working on it.

...and tell me all about it.

Thanks for a great read Melody, overall I give it an A+++

Now if you will excuse me.......... I really gotta find a corner and relieve myself.............


He & Me + 3 said...

Now you are just funny! Thanks for the laugh on this very early Saturday morning.

Rachel said...

Goofy and well-written :)


Stacy said...

LOL...well men just don't understand our affinity for chocolate. Apparently chocolate sets off some parts on a womans brain that are akin to what we feel during there ya go! Just google it and you will find some articles on the link. :)