Saturday, November 29, 2008

Don't ask me to look at that again!!!

Really I don't know what it is???

Maybe being deaf, makes her overcompensate by being overly watchful? Not sure, "Butt" I do know that I have been called on to take in some sights lately that I would REALLLLLLY rather been blissfully unaware of...

To set the scene: We were on our way home the other night, when I realized that Rach's car was getting low on gas, As I pulled off I-5, I pulled directly into the new (and improved) Pilot station. Now being both new and improved, they have decent fuel prices and almost anything that a traveler could want. A McDonald's, a Subway, a coffee shop, bricabrac, chips, and drinks of all kinds, A truck stop where drivers can get a shower for a nominal fee.

(A very busy place)

Now Itty Bit realizes that we have entered an area in close proximity to his favorite food: "FRENCH FRIES" So he starts letting us (and the world) know that he is in dire need of sustenance from Mickey D's.

As there was an opening in the last pump stall I, (very unwisely you will see) decide to fill up first.

As I pull into the very last pump opening before the entrance of the drive through to Mickey D's, I notice that there is a loaded tow truck (ramp type) with two attendants (very large) almost blocking the entrance, and they are assisting a lady with a flat tire, I get out and start to fill up, and I hear Rach GASP, and say YOU GOTTA SEE THIS." "O" how I wish she would have left me in my ignorant bliss...

I stick my head back into the car to see what all the commotion is about, Rach says, "Look at that." Attendant #1 is squatted down, (you gotta remember here that I stated they were large). Now please don't think that I am picking on large people here... We are all God's children and he loves us all. It's just that I firmly believe that (large men at least) should invest in a belt or suspenders!!!!! but I digress!

There for all to see was one of the largest Butt Crack smiles, I have ever been subjected to, as I groaned a little to myself and start to go back to my fueling responsibilties, I hear Rach mumbling, "Where did I put that camera?" Then I hear, "Mr. Daddy give me your phone!!"

I'm thinking HUH??

Then the light comes on, she remembers the fishing story and owl episode....(smart gal I married) eh!

Now I having been in a similar situation not to long ago, can see the story unfolding in my mind..and I am nearly ecstatic with evil glee, (remember) the memory on my phone is full, and we are way too far away for a good pic..
I can just picture in my mind Rach snapping the pic, realizing that even she will not be able to tell why she took it, and then the sneak on the unsuspecting subject to get a closer and better shot?
(I can not get my phone to her fast enough)

Well as they say: the best laid plans of mice and men, Alas, as Rach rolled down her window and stuck the phone out,(to get the best photo angle I'm guessing) Attendant #2 turned and totally busted her attempt to get the largest B.C. smile in history on record for the blog. (I know we need to get a life.) LOL

Well I hear this EEEeeek! and a thump (Rach hitting floor boards) and a frantically whispered, "Get me outta here!"

Me I'm kinda gasping and wheezing and snickering, (a lot) as I look over the car I realize that both, (keep in mind they are very large) are looking menacingly in our direction, my evil glee turned to terror! I wasn't sure how many it would take to kick my butt, but I was pretty sure how many they were gonna use.

Me: hon is 5 gallons enough?
Her: yeah sure babe!
Me: you sure you want a reciept?
Her: no I can figure it out later!
just get in and lock the door............

As I get in our Ford Escape, to make our escape. I realize that Itty Bit cares not at all about what went on, he just wants his FRENCH FRIES!!
Me: make sure the doors are locked!
Her: they are!
Me: smile and wave at the nice (big) boys
Her: gulp! okay.

I'm so thankful the exit is on the other side of the building....


He & Me + 3 said...

OMGosh...I was totally scared to scroll down the whole time thinking she really captured that BC smile. Yikes, then I read on to see she got busted. Too funny! Never a dull moment over there. I am busting a gut over here. Thanks for the laugh.

Mom Of Many said...

Okay, if you open your windows you will hear my muffled laughs as I was reading this delightful story...and I am trying to keep my composure since Dw is taking an afternoon snooze on the couch not 10 feet from me giggling into the palm of my hand...

What is up with men like that anyway? Can they not feel a breeze whisking its way down their cheeks?? Come on dudes! Stop grossing out the entire world!

Loved it and still smirking...can't wait till he wakes up and I can read it to him...

pastordwight said...

You "crack" me up! I'm still trying to "wipe" the smile off my face. Linny was just giggling as she read it to me. I am so very thankful your wife didn't have a zoom lens! I"m sure they were hoping not to be the "butt" of your jokes. I'm still trying to figure out how to work this into tomorrow's message... maybe a title like, "Showing your best side butt don't let your guard down."

Stacy said...

LOL! Well at least they just glared and didn't come over to tell you what they thought of that. I seriously agree with you though...the public does not need to be subjected to seeing BC's on the big and small. Pull up your pants, people!

Killlashandra said...

Too funny. ;) I'm not even sure what to say beyond that.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did I miss this post!!!! You might have to come pick me up off of the floor as I am rolling in laughter!!