Thursday, November 06, 2008

Good thing he's good-natured, no?

Seriously - this kiddo is such a good sport.

Mr. Daddy was goofing off and snuck a sticker onto Itty Bit's head.

The result was somewhat akin to watching a dog with that weird cone thing.

He kinda went around and around trying to reach it.

It's amusing if you can get past the helium voice narration thing.

(And no matter what your eyes would have you believe...that sticker off my jeans most certainly says something like size 3/4 or whatever. And of course those are just huge on me. Don't you remember I lost my butt once I had a kid? Seriously, ask Mr. Daddy about the previous "Griffey" butt. That's probably only funny to a baseball fan... or not.)

On to the video!

Don't you love the silent laughing?


MGF said...

thanks for the morning laugh.

Killlashandra said...

The video is too cute. He's sure having a good time with that game. :)