Thursday, November 20, 2008

I was wrong

And I'm actually a bit giddy about it.

I thought for sure that I was the only parent not allowed to take a shower in peace (see this post).

It turns out our kiddo is an equal-opportunity bugger!

Mr. Daddy decides to take a shower. I laughingly ask if he plans to give Itty Bit a bath too. He looks confused and says, "You already gave him one?"

I am already wondering if Itty Bit is going to leave him alone once he hears the water running...

A few minutes after Mr. Daddy heads for the shower, I feel a door slam, and assume that Mr. Daddy has foiled Itty Bit's attempt to play in the bathroom.

Then the SLAM is followed by a couple of smaller CRASH sounds. I figure Mr. Daddy has everything under control and continue catching up on emails.

Several minutes later I decide to check on Itty Bit and can find him nowhere...

I peek into the bathroom and there is Mr. Daddy with a slightly disgruntled look.

Me: What's going on hon?

Mr. Daddy: Well, first off - he can open ALL the doors.

Me: (chuckling)

Mr. Daddy: Yeah, so he comes in here, shuts the door (the SLAM)

Me: Ohhh

Mr. Daddy: Then he turns off the light.

Me: (full out laughing)

Mr. Daddy: Then he comes over and starts tossing his cars into the shower (the CRASHES)


don't you love it when Dads get a taste of a Mom's daily life?


Jaime said...

That is absolutely hilarious!!

Thank you, Rachel, for encouraging me after a really rough day yesterday. It was honestly one of the hardest I have experienced as a parent. I'm still getting teary eyed just typing this. Your prayers are so appreciated. :-)

lilivw said...


He & Me + 3 said...

That is awesome! I always say..."welcome to my world" It's fun isn't it? Great post!

kay said...


Killlashandra said...

What retribution, no one is safe. That's too funny. ;)