Friday, November 21, 2008

A look back

Hard to believe it's been two years in the blogging world for us.

Even harder to believe that the kiddo is 2-1/2 years old.

I paused for a few minutes to look back and see what was happening in our lives before the holidays back then. And what I found made me even more grateful.

Before bloggyhood, our big news was this:

The girl who not only wasn't supposed to have a baby, was due just 5 days apart from her little sister. Talk about doubly blessed. I was thankful.


In 2006 (Health Update) our little guy had just gotten knocked out for his first MRI.

As a mother, the moment I handed my baby to a stranger and was told to wait outside... well, it was the worst.

I understood with my head why we needed to do it - to try to answer the questions about his kidneys - but my heart was in turmoil with the thought that I was somehow abandoning him.

They brought him back and he was absolutely limp with tubes across his face. We had to wait until he began to stir. Every ounce of me wanted to scoop him up and hold him tight and wait for his eyes to open.

It was a tough time but the results indicated no imminent surgery. We returned home and he got busy learning to crawl. I was thankful.


Fast forward to 2007: Itty Bit still had't needed surgery and was quite a bit more mobile (thanks to Mr. Daddy's quad).

We added another member to our family - a sweet saddlebred/arab named Kona who rapidly regained her health.


2008? Well... still no surgery and the little guy is as crazy and energetic as ever.

We are blessed. And I am thankful.


He & Me + 3 said...


Thank you for sharing that. That was such a great post. What a story & miracle you have right in front of you. Amazing!

Stacy said...

Yes you are so blessed! :) Thanks for updating us on the last two years. It goes by quick, doesn't it?