Friday, November 14, 2008

SOOC - Mr Daddy's contribution

Slurping Life
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here it is.
I know that it is a little grainy, and maybe not as crystal clear as might be possible.

But let me explain:

there I was all alone, just me and my gun! "O" yea my trusty Quad was by my side also. (actually I was on it, just sounds better this way)

when I happened to look to the side, and voila there it was, This stunning image of this magnificent Owl......

I was gripped by this burning desire to capture this image for posterity, (and to share with Rach, too)

Imagine my despair when I realized that I had no means at my disposal to do so. I had fleetingly thought to bring the camera, but had rejected the idea as it had been raining and looked to continue, and for the same reason I had left my back pack, in which I always carry a disposable 35 mm (just in case I happen to get lucky enough to bag the new world record trophy blacktail)

As I sat there agonizing over the injustice of it all, I remember the story that involved my brother, Dad and myself and a fishing trip that we took a couple of years ago, right after my Dad's quadruple bypass surgery.

As a celebration of sorts when he got well enough to get around, my Brother and I decided to take him summer run and Sturgeon fishing on the Columbia,

Well the steelhead weren't cooperating, so we decided to try for the wiley sturg... within minutes of anchoring at one of our favorite sturg. holes, Dad's pole began to dance, he set the hook and O MY Golly,,,, the fight was on, after a battle of heroic proportions (and my brother having to take the rod, it proved too strenuous for my Dad's newly healed incisions)

We landed the beast!!! To my horror I realized I had forgotten my camera. Imagine my disappointment,,, I actually entertained the idea of smuggling it home, (but how do you get a 6 foot fish down your boot) not to mention the fact that both my brother and myself work for a law enforcement agency and can't even imagine the conversations that would have developed between ourselves and the Fish and Game agents had we been caught in such a scandalous event...

So I did what was painfully the right thing to do, I released it. As the leviathan disappeared
slowly into the depths, my brother solemnly stated, YOU DORK!!!!! your phone has a camera in it! so lost to all, but mostly concerning only us, that Kodak moment was gone for good.

So as I sat looking at that beautiful picture crying out to be taken, I remembered this time.

My Samsung, super low mega pixel, autofocus, limited memory, only thing available camera.

I took the first pic from about 60 feet away, as I gazed into the microscopic view screen, I realized I took this shot and even I don't know what it is???

I thought hey! what have I got to lose, so I moved in for the close up.. click

A little better, but wait "O" no memory is full!!! quick delete something, but what which pic do I sacrifice? "O" shoot there goes one of B, (my grandson)

move up a few more feet: click, A little better!!! AAAArrrg! fumble fuss trying to save.. "O" blast it the record retention on my phone is the pits..

Move up and click: mutter, grumble, (a few unsavory comments) Ok ready to shoot again, so by this time I am like 15 to 20 feet from this incredible sight... Move up a little closer

By now I am only 8 to10 feet away from this unbelievable event, I am trying valiantly to delete any and all pics on my memory card. talk about fumble fingers..

Mr. Owl looks down at me solemnly, gives me the most disdainful look, one that only Owls can fully attain to, slowly spreads his wings and moves to a tree about a 100 feet away.

As I slowly made my way back to my trusty steed, (quad)

I silently thanked God for such a beautiful experience:

So if my phone qualifies as a camera here is my contribution of SOOC

So wish it would of been a Canon or Nikon or Sony or anything but a Samsung...


danette said...

Great picture, glad you had your camera phone at least!

He & Me + 3 said...

THat was awesome! Thank God for Cellphones. Beautiful picture!

Anonymous said...

I reeally love this SOOC shot. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What a story! My cell phone has no camera... it doesn't even have a colour screen. hehe

Kimberly said...

LOL! That's one heck of a story! Good thing you had your handy dandy cell phone with you. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome photo!! Those cell phone cameras come in handy sometimes :-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! That is so cool! I think camera phones count! :D

Anonymous said...

A camera is a camera. Good job remembering this time (I almost always forget my phone has a camera.)

And I love the's a hoot. :D

Julie said...

Lucky catch! I ended up face to face with an owl one day while I was out riding. I had no camera at all, cell phone cameras where about a decade away still, so the owl and I just had a moment before I rode on. It was fabulous. I'll never forget that.

Killlashandra said...

Ah the advent of technology is wonderful isn't it. ;) Glad you remembered this time. It's a lovely owl.

Rachel said...

Okay - you win...

You get a bunch of comments whenever you deign to join the blogworld. Ya might as well hijack my blog now, hon :)
Your adoring fans will thank you.

Honestly, this was an amazing shot and I loved hearing you tell about it in person!

Stacy said...

Great shot with your little phone camera. They work in pinch, though don't they?? I love it - rarely do you see an owl out in the woods.

So...really a 6 foot fish? Uh, sure, you "conveniently" forgot you had a camera, eh?? ;)