Thursday, November 27, 2008


By the way y'all, we have now officially topped 200 posts!

If I were a bit more organized, I would have gotten a giveaway together. That's still in the works for post #250 - after the flu season and Christmas. (Unless Mr. Daddy goes crazy with the posting... then it could be much sooner. I think it's about time for another Mr. Daddy post, don't you?)

What strikes me as unexpected is how easily this has become part of our lives. Checking in on our cyber-friends and sharing some profound moments with people we have never met... heartwarming celebrations, gut-wrenching grief, parenting trials, financial worries, pregnancies, birthdays, elections, adventures, prayer requests, and of course, miracles...

And I keep coming back to the same thing: who'da thunk?!?

I never would have believed that "Ooh, you better watch out or that's going on the blog" would become a regular refrain in our home. Or that "blogworthy" would become part of our vocabulary.

And sometimes it's just everyday stuff. In fact, it usually is.

So here's a couple of updates:

Just for you moms out there who expressed genuine concern over Itty Bit's friendly-fire injury... take a peek at the happy kiddos as they commenced their playtime with no hard feelings:


Okay - remember that Not Me Monday where I was talking about the sneaky stuff I was hoping the kiddo wouldn't be up to while in his room by himself...?

I'll save you the hassle of following the link - here's an exerpt:
Not me who actually got a little wounded when Itty Bit said “Mommy, out” while playing in his bedroom today. Cuz it’s a good thing he’s liking his room and playing independently, right? And I didn’t go check on him a million times because he wouldn’t be doing anything crazy like unscrewing the light switch or gnawing the paint off the trim, right?

Should I have been surprised to find this?

Look closely my friends... our talented Itty Bit has managed to loosen the screws of the door jamb by using (what else), his fingernails.

Yeah, we've got a little MacGyver on our hands. Which can be a bit of a challenge when childproofing a house :P


So what's new with YOU?

Leave us a little comment love and tell me how your Thanksgiving went!

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