Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Christmas Miracle

We've been buried in snow.

In a terrific amount of the white stuff.

We've been freezing and slipping and sliding and living with the blessings and challenges of it for the last week.
And in my little-kid-from-California part of me, I am SO loving the thought of a real white Christmas.
The horses are NOT fans. They're wondering what happened to their usual wet, but temperate winters.
Of course Christmas preparations have been a bit difficult considering that much of our shopping has been curtailed by icy roads.
But it seemed far less important when we got a call, then went to my Grandmother's house to see for ourselves...
Just a bit of background:
My grandmother is not your average apron-clad-cookie-baking-stay-at-home woman.
She is a fantastically adventurous globetrotter who has been in business for herself for decades and is too young to quit now.
Instead of chocolate chip cookies, I got a Grandma who came to school as my Show & Tell and regaled the awestruck class with her stories of Egypt.
Instead of a mailed birthday card, I got to spend two weeks with her in Denmark.
And instead of getting her freckles or brilliant red hair, I got her Irish independence.
(with her girls, my mom is on her lap)
I don't know where this post took a turn to telling you as much about this woman that I dearly love... but the scene at her house made me profoundly grateful for big and small miracles...

You see - a tree fell.

A big one.

It crashed from the neighbor's property, through her fence. across her backyard, onto the roof, then broke off and fell to the ground.

She was sitting a few feet away.

Within a matter of degrees, our Christmas could have been far different.

God is in the details.

The snow load cushioned the hit to the roof... and it is hard to believe how - but not even the glass is broken where the tree had to have been.

It sits in her backyard still... awaiting the extended family who will surely draw the same sharp breath I did when they see just where that angel stood.

God is good.

All the time.


He & Me + 3 said...

Oh Rachel...I am praising God with you for your grandmother's safety. What an amazing Christmas testimony. God is good all the time. That is how I end my Christmas letter every year. Those words ring so TRUE!
Merry Christmas!

Elyse said...

GOD is so so good! Glad your grandmother is safe! Merry Christmas!

Sara said...

He certainly is good. I am so glad He was watching out for your special grandmother this Christmas. She sounds like a remarkable woman.

Merry Christmas, friend!


Anonymous said...

Wow that was a close one. She was definitely not meant to come home yet.


Anonymous said...

I am SO glad that she was alright!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Theresa said...

God is good...all the time. I have those words on my blog too!

Just visiting from Michelle Brownlow's blog.

Praying for Coleman too.

Love Theresa