Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The difference between Mommies and Daddies

Hey y'all... it's Itty Bit!

It's my first post and I'll tell ya a little bit about something that drives Mommy nuts.

See, sometimes she sweet-talks Mr. Daddy into giving me a bath so she can get some time in without me driving Lightning McQueen all over her arms and onto her keyboard (like I ever do that... hmpff!)

And Mr. Daddy is lots of fun to hang out with...

So off we go and Mommy gets to blog.

Fifty-seven seconds later Daddy sends me out soaking wet and I go hug Mommy.

Mommy loves the hug (but I don't think she liked getting all wet), and hollers out to Mr. Daddy, "Hon... it's not a race, he actually likes playing in the water..."

So, the next evening Mommy gives me a bath. It's time to show off my mad skilz! (Yeah, this took slightly longer than fifty-seven seconds...)
~ Huh? What are y'all doing in my bathroom?
I'm just gonna ignore you
Oh it's like that, huh?
Alrighty you... come on in. Yeah, that's right. YOU!

I wanna give you a big dripping hug!

Let's start off with a groovy face

Then count with your fingers... ONE, TWO!

Time for the Vulcan greeting!

Then impress Mommy by making up some sign language
(sticking your tongue out while concentrating is most important!)

Then throw in some funky dance moves... rockin' out to Toby Keith!

What's that?

It's a bird?!

It's a plane?!

It's my Superman impression!


Thanks for joining me for my bathtime fun... see y'all later!


Sara said...

Wow, Itty Bit! I am impressed not only with your computer skills, but with your spelling and grammar. Madeline is a little bit older than you and I am just getting her to spell CAT! She is getting good at her computer skills.....she knows how to use the mouse and navigate on a computer (with Mommy's guidance).

Thanks for sharing your bathtime with us. It was fun! You remind me a lot of my two year old nephew. He is a bit mischievous, but really lovable and fun. :)

Happy New Year and say "hi" to your mom and dad for me. :)


He & Me + 3 said...

Your posts always keep me on the edge of my seat...those pictures are so cute! Love the commentating as well!

Elyse said...

Itty Bitty...make sure you pay back Mr. daddy too. He deserves to get a little wet!

Mr. Daddy said...

Nice post Itty Bit. and Mr. Daddy gets plenty wet in the 57 second scrub :o) Just trying to spread the love, Itty Bit's favorite thing to do is have his little hoody towel wrapped around him and tear out of the bathroom for his (semi-damp) hug from Mommy :o) Wouldn't I be considered a mean Dad if I didn't allow him that???????????

Alicia W. said...

Too cute! Lovin the bath time mo-hawk!

Jaime said...

I love the bathtime pictures! He is so animated! My kids get goofy (as in funky faces) whenever I get the camera out. What a cutie! :-)