Thursday, December 04, 2008

Giving away a giveaway

Yeah, you read that right. Giving away a giveaway. Only it's not mine.
If that makes any sense.

A little background...

I've been wanting a Canon Rebel XSi for awhile. You know, to pretend at taking good pictures. Like a better camera will make me a better photographer.
It's my little state of denial and I like living here :)

So... Mr. Daddy tells me few weeks ago, "I was gonna get you a camera for Christmas (he even emailed a photog he admires for her opinion), but he caved and wanted me to make the final decision (seriously, the man cannot keep secrets about gifts).

I'm all excited, then immediately launch into RE-researching all the competing DSLR cameras. I decide on the Rebel, then realize that the local stores are not in a sale mood. And there's no way I want to pay $1000+ for the camera and extra zoom lens.

Costco has exactly what I'm looking for at $749 online. We ask Best Buy if they match Costco and they say "yep". Until they hear the price and realize it would be akin to a 28% discount. I knew the look on the salesguy's face. When the manager said "no", I got a bit of a friendly smirk on my face and said, "why, cuz it's such a good deal?"

Then suddenly they were backtracking and saying stuff like "well, Canon has a deal with Costco so they're taking the loss".

So... it was Best Buy's loss... I went home and with joyful fingers, CLICKED on that "buy now" button and am waiting for my beautiful Rebel XSi to arrive in a few days.

Literally, TWO MINUTES LATER; I check MckMama's blog and sure enough - they are giving away the exact same package, plus more!

And while I know the odds are great that someone else will walk away with the terrific photography kit; the raffle money is going to some great causes.

String of Pearls. Some of you may know why this group's mission is so personal to me. They help families who have received a fatal diagnosis of their unborn child. One of the hardest times for our family was watching my little sister live with the heartbreak of knowing her daughter would not survive. We spent 25 hours with a beautiful baby girl and still miss her. String of Pearls reaches a group of parents that can use all the support they can get in what can be the most life-changing situation they'll ever experience.

No Hands But Ours is personal to me because it is for special needs kids who are waiting for their perfect home. I know what it's like to have a disability, but I've never lacked for love and a home. These kids need a family and this group can help.

The Elison Project has the same mission - to help place special needs kids from China. These people really have a passion for these kids.

So, here's my take.

I'm heading over there to donate and get some raffle numbers. If by some long stretch we win this awesome package... I'll return our new camera and donate the entire refund to these great causes.

Now head on over and see all the cool stuff that comes with it!


Mom Of Many said...

Thank you for praying for us!! We have needed it. Although we have lived the promises, there is something about all of a sudden in a foreign country far, far away and needing to know there are others praying!! Thank you and Mr. Daddy!
Love from Uganda,

He & Me + 3 said...

I sure hope that you win then. What a great idea. You will love that camera. Canons are awesome! Good luck!

Stacy said...

Well, I certainly hope you win! Those sound like great charities, and definitely deserve some help.

I am glad I am not the only one whose hubby can't keep a secret or wait on presents. ;) He just can't stand the suspense...or the wait.

Even though you aren't getting a Nikon, I will forgive you. ;) Canons are good cameras, too.

Jaime said...

I hope you win, too!

I have a Rebel and I love it! Great minds, eh?! I found mine on Craigslist and got it for a great price. I love, love, love it! I'm still learning it and the owner's manual is wonderful!

Killlashandra said...

Wonderful Christmas present. :) I hope it comes really early in the mail for you so you can use it lots.

And if you happen to win the raffle sounds like a wonderful thing to do with the refund money.

The only thing I think about nowadays is buying truck parts...