Saturday, December 13, 2008

LAS something

A friend at Land of K.A. posted recently about his transformation from a beer guy into a wine aficionado.

Mr. Daddy has his doubts that he'll develop a taste for the more sophisticated fermented beverages... So, after reading
this post , Mr. Daddy and I stopped in the wine section of our local grocery store.

First came a moment of total intimidation as I stared down three double-sided aisles of bottles bearing names such as "FISH EYE", and "FIRST DOG" (I kid you not... our governor's dog as his own label. Isn't that illegal or something?)

Then came terror as my imagination took over and I envisioned plowing through an aisle with my 2-year old gleefully grabbing at bottles and squealing as they hit the floor.

It didn't help that a clean-up crew was headed for a spot at the end of the aisle where a woman had just upended her Starbucks cup.

All I could picture was an $182 bottle of wine puddled there instead of her $4 latte.

Thinking it would help narrow down the selection, I looked at the section signs. I stood baffled before the line of them:


They all sounded like foreign piano masters.

I don't know what I was looking for? Some flashing sign with an arrow that said:

I was lost and I knew it.

The store employee did too. He kindly offered to help Mr. Daddy and I.

And the manly man who staunchly refuses to ask for directions, surprised me and engaged the guy.


Bear with me: the conversation went something like this:

Store Guy: Can I help you find something in particular?

Mr. Daddy: Well, our friends have this blog, you know?

Store Guy: Blog?

Mr. Daddy: Yeah, a blog. You know, a website?

Store Guy: Okaaaay.

Mr. Daddy: And they recommended some wine.

Me: We're not real wine-drinkers.

Store Guy: Yeah.

Store Guy: What kind of wine did they recommend?

Me: (panicking, looking at the signs for some tiny familiarity) I don't know.

Mr. Daddy: It started with "LAS".

Store Guy: "LAS", huh?

Me: (Stifling a HUGE laugh)

Mr. Daddy: And another one was B E A U J...

Store Guy: Okay, I know what you're looking for.

So... we got home and Mr. Daddy said, "you gotta take a picture of this to show them". So I grab the bottle, and my sweet new camera and go to work.

Here it is:

About four shots later (the camera, not any alcohol), Mr. Daddy grabs the bottle and starts cracking up.

Yeah... it's the Safeway Select brand of sparkling cider. Uh-huh. We're made of money. I'm not even gonna tell you how long that thing's been hanging out in our fridge.

So I start all over with the REAL wine and Mr. Daddy said I have to post it to prove to our K.A. friends that we spent more than $10 for a bottle of whine wine.

And the verdict? I had about half a glass before I was done. I am totally unsophisticated, I know. And if I have a drinking problem, it's name is Hazelnut Latte. We tried... honestly guys, we tried.

I think it would take some coaching and fun conversation with someone who knows more than we do. Doesn't company make everything just a bit better?

So... are you guys coming up here, or are we hanging out at your place? :)


He & Me + 3 said...

That was funny. We love the sparkling cider on New Years eve with the kids. I think I'll stick with my iced coffee. LOL

Stacy said... the sparkling cider shot! Well, to be honest it is hard to just jump into it. I think the first time I had a glass of red wine it was hard for me to suck it down. It's kinda like beer. I don't think anyone has their first drink of beer and says, "that was fabulous!". Starting with white and then graduating to red is a better way to get into drinking wine. :)

On another note, it is important to know the wine maker and year of the vintage. 2005 was one of the best years for French wine, but 2006 wasn't so stellar. Plus, just buying any bottle of wine of a particular type is not going to guarantee you will like it. There are plenty of Cabernets that I don't like so I know which maker to go for when buying one.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear the experience didn't turn out well. If you are willing to try again, the first change would be to buy from a liquor store rather than grocery store. It's not snobbish, just prudent. Around here, we can't even buy decent beer in a grocery store. Picture the difference between a PBR or Schlitz and a Miller or Bud product. The staff in a liquor store should also know enough to recommend a particular brand (even if it is only based on what they see come through the register). If you like red berries, you could try another beaujolais, or if you prefer citrus you could switch out to a guwertzraminer or riesling which will taste more of pears or apples.
B @ landofka

Heidi Zawisza said...

Based on Mr. Daddy's comments on my blog, I'm thinking that I would LOVE to see what he would come up with AFTER a bottle of wine!! ha!ha!

Heidi Zawisza said...

Based on Mr. Daddy's comments on my blog, I'm thinking that I would LOVE to see what he would come up with AFTER a bottle of wine!! ha!ha!

Killlashandra said...

Cute post. Buying wine is often intimidating. I took a wine tasting class way back in college and that helped me discover what I did like and what to avoid. That's really the trick to it I think. There are so many different kinds it's hard to figure out what your palette will like. Sounds like a fun adventure though.

And I love that header image! Adorable.

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