Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New shots

I'm loving this new camera... sure, I can still take the same dorky shots, but I'm getting luckier and luckier. (I don't think I'd get any luckier or unluckier with a Nikon, Stacy :)

Here's what happens when your horse sees the curtains move and thinks you're coming out to give her a treat:

Here's what happens when she realizes you came out with a camera.

And a quick clarification... the new header was actually taken in March with Itty Bit's first real snow experience. It was actually one of the shots that was a motivator to get a better camera (we call that dumb luck around here). And yes, Jaime, we did use it for our Christmas card! Thanks again to Stacy who cleaned it up for us and really made it pop!

Here are a couple from today... with Itty Bit trying to taste the snowflakes, of course :)


Stacy said...

LOL at the ears laid back on your horse. Don't you know your sole purpose in life is to feed her?? ;)

Great shots! You are doing well getting comfortable with your camera. Love that last shot - very nice and of course, CUTE!

Yes, Nikon or Canon - they are both great cameras. :)

Rissa said...

LOL your horse sure was suprized huh?? Love the pictures of itty bit... Wish we could get some snow around here soon maybe for christmas?? guess we'll see!!

Have a great day today!!

lilivw said...

I love the pictures of Tristan! We loved and appreciate the Christmas card. We are trying to get ours done - 2 December birthdays later and 3 Christmas parties in our home (with nativity program in 2. I love this time of year!). Love you Rachel!

He & Me + 3 said...

Those are great pictures. You are doing so great with your new camera. The Christmas morning pictures should be so much fun.

Sara said...

Can I just say I LOVE your knew header?!? How precious is that picture?!? LOVE IT!

Can I also say I am jealous of your new camera? Maybe someday I'll invest in a nice camera. I enjoy the new pictures of Tristan and the horse too. :)

Hugs, Sara