Saturday, December 06, 2008

not another one?


I survived the
B.C. experience (intact physically, but scarred for life I am sure mentally). Every time we pass by that Pilot station I have to almost poke my mind's eye out!!!! Not to mention the stress it puts on our relationship.

Do I have to give up my belt and let my pants slip down, to compare with other men to retain my true love's attention??? Will my trips to the therapist's office never end?


I think it's not to be.

After our trip to see the Signing Santa:


Now my One and Only seems to have an affinity for guys in furry suits!!!!


How is a man to compete with that???????

There was also this Snowman that I saw her eyeballing.. (I'm sure that she sneaked a hug from him also) I was just not wily enough to get a photo of her in the act!

I'm asking: could that be construed as getting the cold shoulder???

After we left the Signing Santa event she seemed to tolerate me well enough. Although we went to finish our Christmas shopping after, should I be worried that she only loves me for my money??

Heavy sigh: (I hate going to therapy)


He & Me + 3 said...

Look at how precious those pictures are. That looks like such a fun time.
After may be in Therapy for a while my friend...kindof hard to erase such sight out of the mind. Yikes.
Best wishes though. LOL

Stacy said... are tooo funny! I would be going to therapy with you after that BC episode. ;)