Sunday, December 14, 2008

Not Me Monday!

It’s Not Me Monday again! As hosted by MckMama and her charming kids.

This week it was not me who woke my kid up from his nap because I couldn’t resist the bubble wrap that came with my most recent Etsy purchase…

It was not me who was confused by the pink baked treats a coworker brought in. Not sure if they were cherry or not, it was not me who caught myself before inhaling a major dose of powdered sugar and thought, “Self, you just narrowly avoided a coughing fit and another Not Me Monday episode”.
While smugly heading to my car with the treat in my hand, it was not me who then proceeded to drop it down my shirt, down my coat, and across both front seats of my car in a big powdery explosion. Do you have any idea how hard that stuff is to clean, people? Thank goodness it was not me, eh?

Sure wasn’t me who asked my sister to get her kiddo out of school so we could start a craft day earlier. And said sister most certainly did not bring over the little juvenile delinquent.

It was not me and Mr. Daddy who pretty much confirmed our status as unsophisticated folk by confusing the poor employee in the wine section by trying to spell what we were looking for. Neither of us can pronounce it as of yet… (hey… before you laugh too hard, go back and see
the post and try it for yourself! Then let us know how to say it!)

It was not me who turned around to realize that Itty Bit was snuggling under the Christmas tree,
using the skirt as a blanket.

Okay… pretty tame week, right? Go check out what everyone else has not been doing this week!


He & Me + 3 said...

I am cracking up at the powder dessert one. Why is it so hard to clean?
Love that itty bitty used the skirt for a looked so soft. Very creative:)

Mom Of Many said...

Miss being able to head to your blog regularly...can't wait to get home - could use some humor from you and mr. Daddy..keep praying for from uganda...xo

Elyse said...

It was not me who laughed through this ENTIRE post.
Happy Monday!!!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I got a great laugh from your list- trying to imagine your face after the powdered sugar incident!And the bubble wrap!!

Brooke said...

Fun Not Me! confessions. Nothing wrong at all with a tame week! Allows us to take a breather :)

Stacy said...

The powdered sugar drop...I would so do that. It really sounds like you may just be as clutsy as I am LOL!

Don't worry about the pronounciation...Brian asks me how to pronounce things all the time. I had 6.5 years of French classes, so I have a step up there.

Beaujolais - Boe-joe-lay


Alicia W. said...

Great not me's!! :o)

Jessica said...

Loved your not me's, especially the one about Itty Bitty sleeping under the Christmas tree *grin*! Oh and I found you through MckMama's blog.

Jessica said...
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