Sunday, December 21, 2008

Not Me Monday!

It’s Not Me Monday again! And while I’m trying to be timely with this… I may not get back to the computer for a bit if the roads are safe tomorrow. See… it’s our anniversary! And after Mr. Daddy hit that last post out of the park (don’t y’all see why I love that man?), I know he deserves a post of his own. That’s coming… just wanted to throw out the brutally honest list of Not Me’s for this week and spend a little extra time on his.

Not me who went to check on the kiddo in his crib before hitting the sack myself. Not realizing he was still awake… in the pitch black room I wouldn’t have went to lay my hand on his back.

It was not me who gasped in surprise as I smacked him soundly across his face. What on earth was he doing STANDING UP? Totally quiet (okay well, lots of things are totally quiet for this deaf chick, but he was totally still!). I just could not figure it out! Not me who felt totally bad after that… mean mom, mean mom.

It was not me who changed my kid on the floor of Panda Express. Come on now… all public places have changing stations, right? And if they’re wondering where two rolls of paper towels went… it was not me who used ‘em three deep across the floor and prayed my kid wouldn’t wiggle his way to the tile. (So, so, SO gross, but there wouldn’t have been an alternative while stranded with the snow).

It wasn’t me who turned my back for a few minutes to bake some cookies and returned to find this:

Yes, that's NOT his first self-portrait done entirely on his hand with marker.

Not me who was a total weenie about the snow and successfully begged Mr. Daddy to drive me to work every day the past week. And if it DID happen, it was only because I have been petrified of scary driving conditions since Ducky got wrecked.

And it wasn’t us who got rear-ended this weekend :( And it wasn’t me who actually felt worse for the remorseful teenaged driver than I did for my messed up bumper. It wasn’t Itty Bit who spent the rest of the weekend saying “BIG BUMP!”
(I was nice enough to not say “I told you so” to Mr. Daddy about being scared to drive).

Sure wasn’t me who ate like my metabolism was like my teen years today… Mr. Daddy’s fresh salsa and chips for lunch, a Mountain Dew, pistachio cookies… and now I’m hungry again.

It wouldn’t have been me who blogged about her kiddo yelling something that sounded an awful lot like a not-nice term for a body part… in the store, with a million holiday shoppers around. Because that wouldn’t go far in convincing y’all that our lives never have embarrassing moments.

So… where are your embarrassing Not Me’s?

See MckMama's for more!

And Merriest CHRISTmas!


Elyse said...

It's not me who has been dealing with insomnia and is up at 1AM. Nor am I excited that Monday is here...therapy time :)

He & Me + 3 said...

I love how itty bitty keeps saying Big Bump...just a fresh reminder of why we don't drive in the snow. LOL
My son yelled yesterday in church as I was carrying him out..."you're hurting my wenis" yes, I was not embarrassed. Thank God it was bad weather and not many people were in church yesterday. Ugh.

Brooke said...

Sorry about the car and the bad driving conditions. That obvisouly is the downside to all the pretty white stuff!

2 BTW Items:
Happy Anniversary
The picture on your header is to die for - OMG!!!

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS PHOTO!! Simply breathtaking!!

Happy anniversary!

And oh daughter colors on herself, me, her daddy, and anyone else that will sit still long enough for her to do it. She calls them tattoos. Nice, my daughter the tattoo artist. OYE!

Alicia W. said...

I barely got past the new header to even read your not me's. Your little boy is one of the cutest most photogenic kids ever. Have a wonderful not me monday!

Keyona said...

Love the header photo. Gorgeous!

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

I have been there too, changing my baby on the floor. Mine however was in a hospital bathroom. Can you believe there wasn't a changing station? I had her at the hospital because of a severe diaper rash to begin with, so I needed to get that diaper changed and no choice.

Love your blog header.


Megaran said...

I love your page's layout. The picture of your son is beautiful.
Have a very very merry Christmas :)

Jane Anne said...

Oh my goodness, you are hysterical!! I came over here from Mimi's (He and Me +3) after reading your burping poem there. I loved your Not Me! list and the Percy story.

All Things Family said...

Your header picture of that cutie in the snow is georgous! And I laughed out loud and them read to my husband about you going into the nursery to check on your little guy...I've made the dreaded assumption of thinking mine's asleep before too...and gone in to check on him only to make him mad for leaving him in there again!