Sunday, December 14, 2008

Of course that's what it's for...

I thought something looked a little off. Turns out I was right.

Here's our Christmas tree... after the fact.

Notice she's a bit under-dressed?

Yeah... Itty Bit got busted taking a rest underneath all the lights and ornaments.

Checking it out:

Getting cozy:

Grabbing a nighttime bottle for a whole sleepytime routine:

Let me be clear...

Don't expect me to post any other pictures of our little guy wearing a skirt!


Alicia W. said...

Now that is just too dern funny!

Hilary said...

Haha! What a cutie sleeping under the Christmas tree :)

He's the perfect, little gift!


He & Me + 3 said...

He is so cute...skirt or not. Cute tree!

Stacy said... need to fill it full of presents and then he wouldn't get into the skirt. Now you know, eh? ;)

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