Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Our Day

In an effort to distract a bit (or would that be a butt?) from the recent bum-oriented business... I hoped this "day in pictures" would help bring about my redemption.

Of course Itty Bit had to start out the day by reinforcing that "Honey, put your finger in your nose so Mommy can take your picture" thing. Sorry about that.
(though it was almost disturbing how many comments and emails we got from people who love booger-pickin' pictures. You guys are outrageous! :)
Uhh... yeah. You've already seen the one where we ran him around without a nap and he crashed into his french fries:
Then we got to the Christmas tree farm and the real fun began. Itty Bit wakes up and is ready.to.go.
Now y'all remember that this kid has two speeds: SLEEPING and RUNNING. And you didn't forget that his momma is deaf, right? Which can be a rather terrifying prospect when your energetic 2-year old wants to race around a 50 acre tree farm and you can't listen for him if he makes it out of your sight (which would be something like three feet in any direction).
So we take turns letting him explore the more open areas:
And hauling him around the maze areas.
(this one makes me melt... I love that my boys love to be together like they do)
You look thisaway, and I'll look thatawayDoesn't Mr. Daddy look a tad bit worried? We were running out of daylight.
Hey Dad - I think we found the perfect one!
Yes, I am a terrible parent. I let my kid hold a bow saw because he was grumpy and I wanted him to pose for a Christmas tree picture. No, it didn't result in a good shot anyway.
Now speaking of good shots... I did catch this one of Mr. Daddy going all redneck on that Christmas tree. It isn't a REAL Christmas tree unless you cut it down yourself... or so I'm told.
(and yes, I realize that this reinforces the recent popular opinion that I have a thing about photographing men's butts. But(t) this isn't a stranger, and he's properly attired with adequate coverage - so he's exempt. Now y'all can write me and tell me what a cute bum my cowboy has)
Back to our less-awkward regular programming...
Mr. Daddy tells Itty Bit to smell the tree. Of course that results in the funny face that he usually makes, along with a loud "Ahhhh" exhale afterwards.
Itty Bit is ecstatic that he gets to stand in the back of the truck with the tree. I hopped in with him and we went up the driveway to pay. It was one of those "soak in the moment" things - I loved the look on his face.
And just in case you're wondering... YIKES this kiddo has gotten big. Check out our first Christmas tree trip!

As a side note... you can thank me now. Mr. Daddy wanted to put a playlist on the blog that would play "I Like Big Butts". *sigh*


He & Me + 3 said...

Oh My Gosh, I was like Awww the whole post, until the last line, now i am like BAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAA! He is killing me. You so need to have that blaring when your site comes on....way to hysterical!

He & Me + 3 said...

BTW...super cute pictures.

Killlashandra said...

Hmmm...I'm glad you talked him out of the playlist. Just the title was enough to make me relive that particular song. If I go back enough years I remember it being very popular when I was in high school. LOL

Looks like a great Christmas tree adventure. We actually bit the artificial tree bullet this year and got one. With all our good intentions and the boxes of Christmas stuff sitting in the living room who knows when it will get unpacked.

The transfer case in our truck literally blew up today. It really hasn't been a good day and Christmas is way to close for stuff like this to start happening. :(

Anonymous said...

love the pics- his hat is AMAZING

Stacy said...

What a wonderful Christmas tree adventure. Looks like you got a very nice tree, too. Nice and full and made even better by your strong manly man cutting it down his ownself, right?? :D

Love the look on Itty Bit's face - that is Christmas spirit right there. :)

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