Sunday, December 07, 2008

Scary Santa

Okay... so I hugged a reindeer. It was totally innocent.

What you didn't see was Itty Bit glued to my right side in terror while I tried to talk him into a group hug. No way Jose...

Seriously, look at the lower right corner and you'll see the edge of his jeans. That kid was holding on for all he was worth. High-fiving the furry creatures is one thing. Getting hugged is out of the question... look at him leaning away:

So we head over to see Santa. Not just any Santa, but SIGNING Santa.

Who is a super-cool dude that comes around to visit with kids who are hearing-impaired, have deaf family, or communicate with sign language.

Itty Bit does not think this is a super-cool dude. With memories of A Christmas Story dancing in my head, I watch his reaction...


Umm, Mom, why am I sitting on this guy's lap?
(and yes, this was the best shot of the night, unfortunately)

Santa was perfectly friendly, but I'd be a little nervous around a guy dressed like that too.

He's poking me in the cheek Mom. Is that supposed to make me smile?
(Love how he looks like he's contemplating biting Santa)

Then he tries the leaning trick again, even after a candy cane bribe.
If I don't look at you, will you go away?

Ok, dude... we need to have a little chat about personal space.

One of the elves finally made a comment about the evil eye he was giving Santa and at this point we gave up - amongst the loud laughter of people in line behind us who were enjoying the scene (yes, deaf people love to laugh out loud! :)

A BIG thanks to Cindy who coordinated this whole successful evening and to the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program who was so generous.

(Truly, Itty Bit had a blast... just not in those few Santa moments).


He And Me + 3 said...

I think that Itty Bit did really good! Atleast he refrained from screaming:)
Super cute!

All these B's and Me! said...

LOL, Too funny! He did such a good job.

lilivw said...

It is so funny to see kids different reactions to Santa. I remember in WA one of my children was so terrified of the Easter Bunny. Of course who wouldn't be frightened of a 6 foot tall bunny!

Jaime said...

That is too funny! I love his little expressions. What a cutie!

What a neat evening! Glad everyone had fun. :-)

Stacy said...

Very cute shots - that is so funny he was not overly thrilled with Santa LOL! At least he got on his lap...last year Anya wouldn't even get that far. She clung to me, thumb in mouth, and was shaking her head for all she was worth. This year she couldn't wait to tell him what she wanted for Christmas. :) Give it time...I bet next year he will be telling Santa about all the toys he wants. :)

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