Saturday, December 27, 2008

Why I need a new gun (as stated by a co-worker)

Well I must start out by stating that Rach doesn't deserve it. But: She completely earned this post :o)

It all started out on Monday, Our anniversary.. (O happy day) :o)

If you all don't know we have been inundated with snow here in the GR8 PNW! not so unusual in the mountains and foothills of our beautiful state. But not so common here in the lower-lying areas. And we all had to adjust our life styles accordingly.

Instead of the overhand, butterfly, or breaststroke style of getting around, we had to learn the snow angel flutter, and slip and slide mode of transportation.

Now Rach and I had made plans to let Itty Bit stay at Ah-ma's and PaPa's on Sunday and stay the night (first time ever) so we could go away for a night. As you can imagine with the roads and travel restrictions, we made the choice to not go :o( which is alright we had a gr8 day together, and enjoyed our time with Itty Bit.

Well Monday Morning dawned bright and snowy, er! and my wonderful mother-n-law called, and told us about the tree incident at Grandma Carol's house. And asked that at some point could I stop by and look to see if there was enough damage to contact the insurance company. Then offered to keep Itty Bit for the day so we could at least go to lunch, and spend the day together. (what a nice lady she is) :o)

Rach and I talked it over and thought that, that would be a great idea... So plans were made and put into motion, is it any great surprise that nothing worked out the way we planned??? We had agreed to meet at Grandma Carol's to check out the tree incident, and for Rach to play camera detective with her new Christmas gift, (to get pics for posterity) LOL!!
We had been there for a while, and my cell phone, (with the neat camera in it) rang, It was Ah-ma.. Yep! stuck in the snow. She had made it all of 10 feet, and that was after shoveling for awhile. She needs a lift kit and some Monster Mudders on her Pacifica. (*note to self* talk to PaPa bout
that.) So off to Ah-ma's we go. After much pushing, digging and shoveling and shoving we got 'er back to her original parking spot.

Now as she had been snow bound for a couple of days she had some errands that she was going to run with Itty Bit. Rach and I looked at each other, and said just get in the car and go with us. You can keep the wild one entertained at lunch.....LOL

So off to lunch we go, Now I know that to most it would not seem a very romantic day, and to say the least it wasn't. But it did have a certain Norman Rockwellness to it!!!! LOL and there are memories in it that no one will ever take away from me. :o) After lunch we took Ah-ma to the library, (she had some books to drop off) then a couple of other quick stops, with her protesting all along, "you don't have to drag me around all day.. Just drop me off at Ju's, PaPa will pick me up there." She had mentioned earlier that she needed to go to the grocery store, so I said it's on the way no problem. After more haggling, I just take the liberty to pull in to the store. *evil grin*

Now to the meat of the story: the grocery store is just across the street form one of my favorite store, now I didn't plan this at all ( I know that you all will think so, but really I didn't) And as Rach hadn't bought my Christmas gift yet, Ah-ma said that she would take Itty Bit with her and we could go and get my present.

I have been drooling over a 1911 45 auto pistol for over a year, And Rach said that I can have it for my Christmas present.....(what a gal) So off we go for our 30 minute romantic interlude to the Sportsman's Warehouse, to shop for a gun. (ON OUR ANNIVERSARY) I love this gal :o)

(the picture and poem I opened on Christmas morning)

Now we get to work on Tuesday, and Rach comes back to the supervisor's office to get some info on a bill that she is paying, and I overhear her telling Darron all about her very romantic getaway to Sportsman's Warehouse to buy a gun for me. Now you just got to know that she was painting me to be an ogre of tremendous proportions, for dragging her to such an evil place, to buy such an unlikely present, (ON OUR ANNIVERSARY)

SSSSsssOOOoooooo!! Being the Redneck ogre that I am, I just naturally had to come to my own defense....

Starting out with being drug out of my bed at an ungodly hour of the morning to check on a tree at Grandma Carol's, then off to dig out my beleaguered Mother-n-law and put her car back, to HAVING! to drag her around to lunch, (ON MY ANNIVERSARY) to the LIBRARY, to the STORES, to get a few things, to the GROCERY store so her and PaPa wouldn't starve, to dropping her off at Ju's.

Darron looked at Rach kinda wide-eyed and stated:

*now I know why he needs a gun*

(maybe I overstated a little?)

Gas to drive Ah-ma around: $5.00

Lunch: $38.51

1911 45 auto: $ 674.12

Look on Rach's face: Priceless


He & Me + 3 said...

That is hysterical! Nice gift too! What a sweet wife you have! I think once the snow clears you need to do a make-up anniversary. Spoil each other:)
Rachel's face priceless....LOL
Where is the picture of her face with your sweet camera phone? I was expecting one to be attached. I can only invision it, & I am busting a gut.

Anonymous said...

Jon read your post and said it's a very nice gun! He was wondering where you could shoot it, and if he could join you. He'll love to take a closer look at your new gun.

Perhaps we all can get together, and Abby will finally meet your horse...?

Glad everybody is well, and Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said... I feel honey has wanted a new gun for quite a little bit, even tried to get one for our oldest (ONLY 13) and I said NO! Now I feel rotten. What a bad wife I am. ;)

However, I am the one that bought his LAST gun for him (40 cal. ruger?) for Father's Day. ;) So I'm not SO bad! LOL

happy anniversary you guys!

Stacy said...

Well it sounds like you both got what you wanted for Christmas, at least. :) Our anniversary is usually never too exciting, either. You know what they say abou the best laid plans... ;)