Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some things never change

Out of curiosity, I looked up some old pictures.
I was surprised and tickled to realize that these were taken exactly a year apart.

Some things never change!
Well, except for the direction of his hair... but I'm still figuring that one out...
He even has a book in hand because he knows they are Daddy's reading glasses!

(Please tell Mr. Daddy he can get a nice, fashionable pair of reading glasses for $4 at Walmart.)

Papa's Day (in pictures)

I just never know what I'm gonna get when I upload pictures.
Plug in the card and hope for the best.

Then realize all over again just how much fun my family is.

~~~~~~(Wii are family)

~~(like I said... don't mess with sisters!)

~(step away from the cake)

~(I mean it!)

(Anybody want a peanut?)


Don't forget this Etsy special...10% off for you guys!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You've got People

Great news!

Remember when I posted the Not Me Monday that included a picture of my new camera strap slipcover and lens cozy?

I got several comments and emails about how cute they were. I gave the creator (PriddyCreations) a bit of belated notice that I'd blogged about her stuff.

She got right back to me and is offering you guys a 10% discount on her Etsy items if you mention you found them here!

Who doesn't love a sale? And guys... Mother's Day is going to be here before you know it (hint hint Mr. Daddy... I could use another one for the smaller lens :) and what better way to make taking great pictures of your family more fun?

I know I sound like an advertisement... but I'm excited about Etsy and purchased a bunch of great items from stay-at-home moms this Christmas (and was just enough of a dork to forget to take pictures of most of them before they were wrapped...UGH).

This particular seller was willing to go out and find the fabric I asked about. There are also other accessories, camera bags, point-and-shoot straps, etc. Lots of cute designs and you'd have your own custom gear in no time flat. So head on over to PriddyCreations and tell her Rach & Mr. Daddy sent you.

(Geez, that sounds all official and stuff!)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Heart Faces

It's Week Three at I Heart Faces and the theme is JOY!
It's something that our little miracle boy brings us lots and lots of.
And the things that bring him the most joy? Any kind of construction equipment!

Getting to stand in the bucket of an honest-to-goodness excavator was a thrill!

Here's me and my sister.
We are opposites in so many ways. I look like Mom, she takes after Dad.
I'm the number cruncher, she's the creative artist.
These differences only make me appreciate her more.
She learned sign language to communicate with me,
and was my defender when other kids made fun.
She's an amazing girl and I couldn't ask for a better JuJu.

Check out the rest of the joyful shots... you're sure to see some familiar faces!


I knew I should expect some kind of revenge after posting the lovely photo of my husband with a hot pink inflatable raft yesterday.

But we actually have a bit of a dilemma about this one. See... my husband claims the revenge was unintentional. I say he caused it so it has to count as already paid back in full. What do you think?

I stayed up an hour later and attempted to catch up on some favorite blogs. When I finally slipped into bed, my icy hands startled a sleeping Mr. Daddy and he clocked me soundly in the nose.

Oh, that's not the revenge.

So I kissed him goodnight and fluffed the blanket upward. A rather large object landed next to my head and I turned to see what it was.

See might not be entirely accurate since it was pitch black in the room. I moved closer and suddenly realized my face was ON something that smelled vaguely familiar.

It took a couple seconds for my tired mind to register, but when it did... let's just say that Mr. Daddy instantly remembered that he'd changed Itty Bit's wet DIAPER on the bed earlier, rolled it up, and left it next to my pillow.

Me: Uh, gee. Thanks hon.

Mr. Daddy: No wait... that doesn't count (laughing hysterically)

Me: Whaddya mean?!? Of course it counts!

Mr. Daddy: That's not revenge. That's a "God'll get ya" thing.

Me: No way, you gotta claim that payback.

UGH! So, help us out here...
Was it truly revenge?
Of course, the diaper didn't plant itself!
No way... didn't count if it was unintentional.
God has a sense of humor!
Itty Bit waited for the perfect time... free polls

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It’s Not Me Monday again! Time for some free therapy, courtesy of MckMama.

It was not me who got a little carried away making faces into Itty Bit’s baby monitor camera. He certainly wasn’t giggling hysterically as he watched me cross my eyes, stick out my tongue, make kissy faces and speak gibberish. That would have been totally un-grown-up of me. Impossible.

It was not my poor little niece who remarked to me on Monday, “Aunt Rachel? That’s the 14th time you’ve burped today”. Oh the shame!


It was not Itty Bit who got into Mommy’s chapstick on her nightstand. He did not smell minty fresh for 2 days, despite Mommy’s best efforts to figure out exactly what he used the entire contents of the tube on.

It was not me who ordered herself a nice girly camera strap,

(by the way - from PriddyCreations on etsy!)

then laughed hilariously when my dad asked if Mr. Daddy had picked it out.

It was certainly not because of this picture:

(oh Good Lord, the man is NOT gonna kill me for this, right? In his defense, he was blowing it up for my mom… what a gentleman, right?)

So go check out the rest of them... and let me know when you've posted your own! I'll check them out (if I manage to survive Mr. Daddy's payback for the picture!)

Tell me you see it?

Please tell me you do :)

I drew a "T" on Itty Bit's chalkboard.

He then proceeded to tell me "Truck" and drew this:

Speaking as someone who is not artistically inclined (save ballet), I thought it was a rather decent rendering of a wheeled vehicle. Being somewhat recognizable tells you that he didn't get it from me!
Doesn't every parent get this excited when their two-year old finally starts drawing things that look like people and animals and motorized rigs?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Papa's Day

My dad's birthday is tomorrow. Since his is not one for the limelight, I figured this was enough of an excuse to introduce you all properly.
Bloggy friends, my dad. Dad, bloggy friends.

Here's my dad with a brand new Itty Bit:

So many other visitors and even family were nervous about handling a newborn. It ranks as one of the most heartwarming moments of my life to have seen him eager to meet the newest family member. Ready for a turn to hold the tiny guy and softly say his name to him. The two of them just fit together.

And in return, Itty Bit quickly repaid him by deeming him "favorite person". Mom and Grandmas were fine and dandy for feeding and snuggling. Daddy, aunts, and cousins were good for entertainment.

But Papa was different. My father's voice sparked instant recognition for this kiddo from early on and it was a shared delight for Itty Bit to realize his Papa was nearby.

As cute and innately loveable as this mom thought her infant son was, it also brought a new perspective.

This man won't advertise or pat himself on the back. Instead, he waded into parenting a kid who was past the cute and loveable baby stage. The bratty 2-year old that he chose to love, was me.

I am the first to admit I was not easy on him. He was competition for my favoritest person on the planet and had to contend with my stubborn streak and mouthiness. "You're not my mom, you're not the boss of me". Oh yeah, I was utterly charming.

His patience and his genuine love for us girls won me over. It is all the more meaningful to me that he didn't have to. He chose to.

So Dad, as much as I know you hate attention; I just wanted to say Thank You.

Thank you again. For all you've done to make our family what it is. For years of working to provide for us. For loving Mom and giving us a safe and happy home. For choosing to be the best dad you could be. And you are.

I love you and Happy Birthday Papa.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Winter Wonderland Challenge

Stacy at the Land Of K.A. challenged her buddies to post photos of their winter wonderland (while promising not to be jealous of some balmier climates).

So maybe I was feeling a bit silly about being called out for taking so many pictures on our walk... but it was tough keeping up with a little toddler blur :)

Can I just say that I am grateful we are no longer snowed in or flooded in? It was still freezing this day at the lake, but it was gorgeous and sunshiny. Itty Bit got a chance to really run around for the first time in way too long. And run around he did!

What does your winter wonderland look like now?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ironic, no?

I will be the first to admit I have not done my research on this.

However; at first glance this seems really wrong.

I mean, celebrating the Saint Anthony, Patron Saint of animals... by running a horse through a bonfire?

Please tell me there is some warped logic that I am missing? Or at least that I'm not crazy for thinking that is insanely ironic and cruel?

(How I wish this were a digital trick.)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It’s Not Me Monday again! Check out My Charming Kids for more.

It was not me who was enjoying a delicious Jelly Belly that Itty Bit
popped into my mouth… before Mr. Daddy clued my gag reflex:

“Hey hon, Itty Bit just tried that one, then spit it out of his mouth.
Then it fell on the floor before he gave it to you.”

Timing is everything. Thanks hon.
Not me who tried to take several pictures at the lake today before realizing that the message said “Card Full”. Wouldn’t have been so bad, except that all five hundred pictures were from that hour-long walk around the lake.
In my defense, I wasn’t the only one using it.

(in a tree for the first time ever)

It was not me who was hoping for another I Heart Faces shot!
It was not me who gave a sweet little infant his first bath this week. While trying to soak a bandage off of him, it was not me who suddenly noticed I was rinsing him with some awfully dirty water. Nope, it was not me who quickly scooted him out of the water when I realized my hand and the little guy were hanging out in diarrhea.

(And in spite of all that, it is not me who has major baby fever…you guys mind working some comment persuasion on Mr. Daddy? An only child is a sad thing, right?)
Not me who did laundry all day yesterday after Mr. Daddy found a phantom leak under the bathroom sink (read: it’s all wet but there’s no dripping water). It was not me who went from shocked to puzzled to annoyed when I realized that I’d inherited 33 towels when Mr. Daddy and I got married. THIRTY-THREE stinking soaked yucky towels that needed to be washed. Grumble grumble.
Not me who bragged that my horse knows how to nod, because of course she never does it when anyone else is around. Not me who crowed in delight as she did it for my mom yesterday!
Not me who threw a little tantrum earlier, to which Mr. Daddy brought a conciliatory cheesecake home. Not me who replied, “I love you too, but I don’t love cheesecake”.

Not me who ate a whole piece and is eyeing another one right now.

Seems that I’m not the only one?


What have you all not been up to? Can’t wait to read yours – join the fun at Not Me Monday!

In a blink

Somehow the original post got eaten by Blogspot, so here's my second attempt.

I know there's been more than enough depressing news on this blog lately; between local abuse cases, the flooding, and our friends' house fire...

But last night Mr. Daddy and I were watching the late news and they aired a story about a 6-year old boy who was severely injured by an engine part coming loose during a local monster truck show.

Phyllis Dwyer fights back tears while comforting her children Gabriel, 7, Morgan, 9, and Marissa, 10, the siblings of Sebastian Hizey, on Saturday, Jan. 17, 2009 at their home in Puyallup, Wash. Debris flew into the grandstands at a monster truck show in Washington state, killing the 6-year-old boy Hizey and injuring another spectator, witnesses and city officials said Saturday. (AP Photo/The News Tribune, Drew Perine)

I sat there unashamed by my tears as we heard about the poor mother cradling her badly bleeding little boy. About how other audience members threw cups onto the field to attract medical attention. About another man who was also hit and how people left when they realized the show "was just going on".

I turned to see Mr. Daddy intently watching the news, his face serious.

When he finally turned to speak, he said that his son had called the day before and wanted to take Cutie Left and Itty Bit to that exact show.

My next breath didn't come easy.

I was still heartbroken for this family who had just lost their little boy. And I realized again just how fragile life is.

Go hug your kids. Pray over them. And take a few minutes to watch them sleep.

We are not promised tomorrow.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pick up your WHAT?!?

I caught up with my friend Jaime today and she posted about a certain funny story.

Read it here first, then come back and you'll see why it reminded me of this one.

(Seriously, go ahead... but don't forget to come back!)


This was a few years ago and I'd invited some deaf friends to church on a night that was the kickoff to our small groups program (The Purpose-Driven Life, I think).

All us deaf friends were sitting in the front row with my mother interpreting the pastor's message in front of us.

The pastor was known for picking up speed while he talked at times and my mother's hands were flying.

He spoke about the small groups and the study materials. Toward the end, he mentioned that we could pick up everything we needed at the back of the church.

Specifically, what Pastor Carpenter said was:
"You can pick up your DVD in the back after church".

My poor mother was trying to keep up, but unfortunately the fingerspelling got away from her. What she signed was:

"You can pick up your VD in the back after church".

Remember I said that deaf people like to laugh just as much as anyone? Well the whole front row busted up and just about fell out of our chairs. We startled several church members and the pastor looked at us questioningly as my mother turned varying shades of crimson. I am ashamed to admit that I actually snorted at church that evening.

Who says you can't have fun at church?

(sorry Mom, I just couldn't resist. I LOVE YOU!)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Boy's night (redneck style)

As most of you don't know Rach was off last night right after work, to help a friend (single lady who is adopting) with her new baby,
And from her stories when she got home, the help was truly appreciated. Now this friend is a classy lady, with honorable intentions, but I got to say from the stories I heard, I think that some classes in rollin' up the sleeve and getting your hands dirty are in order.

Now being a truly concerned for my wife's friend, I offered to assist with lessons. I thought that cleaning the barn would certainly toughen the sense of smell, and assist with the gag reflex. And if she was up for a stroll, and can maintain silence for more than a minute or two, she could tag along on a hunting or fishing trip to help with the field dressing. (that would be gutting them out) to build up her resistance to the sight of blood. (And if she cuts too deep, definitely the gag reflex) and not to sound like I'm being chauvinistic... and if she wants to learn to enjoy the complete experience, and set her own hook or shoot her own game. I will go the extra mile for that too. :o)

So friend I'm not picking on you , I'm just saying that even an old Redneck knows they ain't made of porcelain, and if they poop, ya just got to roll up yer sleeves and Get-r-Done!!! Just ask Rach, it didn't work for me to just don't hold him at arms length and ask what do I do???? And a bath ain't done with a sponge!!!! I guess if you want to visit for some Big Brother time, there is another little packer and fisherman in the future to help Itty Bit and Cutie Left :o)

To the boy's night: I headed straight home to pick up Itty Bit. On the way I was planning what type on reveling and debauchery we would get into (how big of a mess were we going to make for dinner, and what beverage we would consume?) "apple or orange juice". He opted for soymilk with a splash of chocolate. (*thanks Ah-ma* I don't consider that a manly beverage at all) but he likes it.

I'm trying to figure out what's for dinner, cause he can be a very finicky eater. I finally decide on Tuna mixed with Mayo, on crackers. I know, a culinary challenge, but hey it's for my boy and I am up for it. I add the soda crackers and a side dish of sweet pickles, and voila, a feast fit for a couple of bachelors!!!! Off to the living room to camp in front of the tube, with the fine thriller The Incredibles, and we are set to veg out and enjoy some quality macho time....

after one cracker with tuna and one small sweet pickle, I feel worse than the first cook, culled from the Top Chef's challenge! Not to mention the fact that Rach ain't gonna be happy with that little for dinner. (was already thinking that my choice of cuisine might be a little issue.) As I'm wondering what else to make for him, I figure to finish off the rest of my crackers (the tuna is gone) a little peanut butter and milk will really hit the spot. "he likes that too") I make the first one and being a quasi-good Dad I offer the first one to him, he takes it and says PeeButter bite, I translate it to wanting a bite right off the butter knife. (I know BAD Daddy) BUT IT'S BOY'S NIGHT!!!!! so I cave, (in my defense I didn't let him handle the butter knife.)

Give me credit here, I know that one cracker, (even with tuna on it,) a sweet pickle, and a little peanut butter and maybe a cracker, is not gonna save my sorry behind from the wrath of Rach. She may be deaf but she has the main food groups down pretty good.

Suddenly a stroke of pure genius, there are chicken nuggets in the freezer!! [put them there myself] :o) throw a couple of them puppies in the micro, nuke for thirty or so, and redemption...

DENIED!!!! :o(

Itty Bit is not interested, all he wants is PEEBUTTER....

Now Lady's and Gent's here is were Redneck intellect and pure gut instinct surpasses mere pure genius!!!!!


was pure delight to a two year olds palate :o)

Mission accomplished.

As we lay in a glutinous and soy milk induced stupor.

I reflected: the only thing that could of made it better was if Mom was here to enjoy it..

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Whoo-hoo YEAH BABY!

Sorry... just a tad excited :)

Itty Bit got Honorable Mention in the first I Heart Faces contest! (here)

I hope y'all aren't offended by my liberal YIPPIE-ing, and can understand part of why I get so darn tickled when I see that picture...

See, Itty Bit is not supposed to be here. I wasn't supposed to be able to have kids. And when Mr. Daddy grinningly said one day, "we'd make cute kids"... my heart secretly mourned.

Several long years of me not being able to have a child (that's another post), and God surprised us both with this little miracle.

And that's exactly what I remember when I see this little blue-eyed boy. I think the wonder on his face was the same as on mine when I met him for the first time.

Can you tell I'm feeling a little grateful tonight?

I L-L-L-Like You!

My niece adored the below animation. And apparently it has also become a favorite of Itty Bit's too. Who says the "terrible two's" can't be loads of fun?!?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I don't even know where to begin

Our friends DW and Linny (from A Place Called Simplicity - the ones who just brought two little ones home from Uganda) have suffered a house fire.

It looks like nearly all their belongings are a total loss, and a large portion of their home has been destroyed or damaged.


That in itself is the best news I've heard all day.

Please pray for these dear friends. My hope is that they'll be able to post updates as they are able. I simply cannot imagine...

Monday, January 12, 2009

I Heart Faces

A sweet new blog is getting some cute entries for their photograph contests. I Heart Faces chooses one from each of their kid and adult categories each week.

Not like it's much of a surprise... but here's the original one of Itty Bit in his first taste of snow. I'm still loving his sense of wonderment.


What do you have to share?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It’s Not Me Monday again!
(We're out of town for a while so we're a bit early. Trust me, I do dumb stuff every day of the week).

It was not me who freaked out when the kitchen sink sprayer busted loose, shot up to the ceiling and sent a 3' geyser of water straight up. In my brilliance, I did not respond by screaming like a girl and trying to cover the fountain with my hand. That in turn did not lead to it instead SPRAYING water everywhere while I did not continue to scream.

Mr. Daddy was not home and Itty Bit just stared in amusement. Not sure what the screaming accomplished, but turning the faucet off and screwing the sprayer head back on worked nicely. I mean, if that had happened...


After last week’s Not Me Monday, it was not me who had to listen to my husband all week:

“Hey hon, whaddya think of my rack now?”

“How ‘bout this one?”

“I’m even horn-ier now!”

My husband did not gleefully go stand under his biggest set of elk horns and pose... then earn a time-out after saying to me, "I bet women wished they could change out their racks this easy"

Mr. Daddy does NOT think it’s absolutely hilarious that his antics garner more comments than my misadventures!

I did not go out to fill the horses’ water buckets and get clumsy with the hose. I did not end up filling up my boot with freezing water while slipping around in the cold.

Not me who started a new game with Itty Bit by stopping in front of him abruptly and letting him run headfirst into my rear-end and laughing at him. It is not me who is being followed constantly now by a little kid butting me in the rear end and laughing hysterically.
It was not me who posted a goofy picture after one of the

horses sprayed mud on me… to walk into work and realize Mr. Daddy had let all my coworkers in on it. Thoughtful, eh?

It’s not me who can’t bear to take down the Christmas picture from my header because it still takes my breath away every time I open the blog.

It was not me who just had to add the word “BLOG” to my spell-check dictionary. I mean, who doesn’t know what a blog is anymore? :)

Head on over for some free therapy!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Out of Africa (by way of Durango)!

I would like to start out by saying thank you to Linny and DW from A Place Called Simplicity! Neither Rach or myself expected any type of an award, for having so much fun blogging and lurking about on others, blogs and leaving comments. :o)

Linny the bracelet that you got for Rach was really beautiful, and the figurine that you got for me was very interesting,,,,, After we made sure there were no needles, and some serious wondering as to which denomination you really belonged to??? I totally relaxed and started to enjoy the little fellow. And when I look at him now from his honored position on the kitchen counter, I feel the warm stirrings of new friendships and fun memories.

Now I still have not a clue in my pea-brained Redneckness what it is, I totally understand the spirit in which it was given, and that in itself makes it a precious and valued gift, (but Linny don't you dare think about sending me a needle as a follow up gift).

As there are probably a bunch of you that are wondering what the Sam Hill I am blathering about, you will have to go on over to Linny's Blog: A Place called Simplicity and read up on all the neat and wonderful things that are going on in their lives, that has spilled over into ours through this medium of Blogging.

Thank you again Linny and DW for the thoughtful gifts from Africa. Now Rach has something that she would like to add. :o)


Hey y'all... it's me (umm yeah, the previous owner of the blog that occasionally gets hijacked by Mr. Daddy and when it does, he crows about all the comments he gets... yeah).

Just wanted to add my thanks to Linny and DW - and Graham and Emma and Elizabeth and Elijah who brought these special gifts back with them all the way from Uganda!

It was an unexpected delight and it was tough waiting for our flood-delayed mail once we learned a surprise was coming!

Linny, the bracelet is just beautiful! I had to wrestle it away from Mr. Daddy... who wondered if it would fit him. MEN.

Itty Bit has been a bit perturbed that this particular gift isn't a toy for him. But how can I blame him? He is intrigued by the poseable limbs and I'm sure those would pose in ways they weren't intended to in his little hands!
We were honored to be able to pray for you and Mr. Daddy loved that he could make you guys laugh. It is a sweet thing that you guys were thinking of us all the way over there!

It is the coolest thing to look at these gifts and be reminded over and over again that God loves to surprise us with miracles... and your precious family brought these all the way home to us... from Africa by way of Durango :)

Friday, January 09, 2009

You want irony?

My new waterproof shoes that I ordered last week are stuck in transit... due to local flooding :P

You know it's bad...

when your next door neighbors are in a BOAT in their yard with a bb gun... cuz there's FISH in that there water!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

We're okay

I think the rivers have finally crested... at least the news says it's supposed to happen in the next 7 minutes.

The rain let up for awhile and it was amazing to see the difference just a mile down the road... sunshine and big puddles - but not near the moving water we had on our property.

I wish I'd gotten a picture... Mr. Daddy's family was out in a BOAT alongside their home. Vehicles had to be moved out of the water and luckily they were able to maneuver the gravel to channel some of the flow away from the in-laws' place. This was next door. Too close for comfort.
On my way to work, it was bizarre to drive down a steep incline with my tires splashing through water quickly running downhill. Just the sheer volume was amazing.

Here is what the freeway looks like... keep in mind this is just a couple minutes south of us... the exit on our road is where they've closed it off to.
The line is the freeway divider, I just can't get over how widespread the standing water is...

And I'm not quite sure this driver had permission to be out there... (remember buddy, the State Patrol has enforcement planes...:)

Here's another aerial shot

Those little white things on the lower right corner are vehicles if that gives you any sense of the scope of this water. Again - please pray for the vulnerable people who may be stranded. We seem to be on the edge of the flooded area. While I was VERY NERVOUS... I did not have to experience the damage and devastation many people have.

And the major excitement of the day was not even about the water after all... (Pat is gonna love this)

Mr. Daddy's family was contacted and informed that our horses were loose on the highway.

Excuse me... did you say on the highway???

Yes, they were on the highway.

Good Lord. My rather fearful arab was running around on a 50mph road with her buddy and not wanting to be caught. Mr. Daddy's nephew-in-law (yes, I can make that up... it's been a long day) blocked off traffic and tried to corral the skittish girl.

Sounds like Cassie was an easy catch, but Kona made them work for it.

When Nephew-In-Law got frustrated after a few attempts, I'm told he finally yelled, "Kona, STAND!"

This part just cracks me up... I'm always bragging to people about what a verbal horse she is. And they usually kinda humor me but give me that look like I'm outta my mind. I told ya... I have to s-p-e-l-l the word TROT or CANTER unless I want her to hear me and automatically start doing it.

Anyhow... Kona stops dead in her tracks and waits for him to catch her. And to think that's all it took?

So... Mr. Daddy's project tomorrow is to add another safety thingamajig to the gate (thanks Hon). And we are just so, SO incredibly grateful that we are all safe and whole and dry at the end of this day.

This is the day that the Lord has made... I will rejoice and be glad in it!

Thank you so much my dear bloggy friends for your encouraging comments and prayers and even for emailing and checking on us. We are grateful for such heartwarming support.

Flooding Update *5* (vid)

The way that water is running makes me nervous.

Kona is definitely letting me know she wants to come inside!

A quick update: I'll be leaving in a bit to head in to work (or at least to try).

So I won't be able to update for awhile. I'm not sure how great I feel about not being able to keep an eye on the water, but God can handle it...

Please continue to pray for all the people who have been hit hard and stranded. I have gotten emails from total strangers offering to help and I am so very grateful for your offers and prayers.

Flooding Update *4* pic added

I can't get a hold of Mr. Daddy. That in itself has me a bit paranoid. I'm sure he is just uber-busy coordinating flood work.

I'm watching in my in-laws' FIREWOOD float across the pasture and through the gate. Two pastures are completely under water. The main pasture is more than halfway under water.

I went out there and the girls were happy to see me. I walked into the water as far as I dared (it went up past my Ropers after the first two steps) and just watched how quickly it was running.
And I prayed right then and there.
Told the water that my God was master of the wind and waves.
Basically, "this far and no more".

You know that dream where the house is on fire and you have to decide what to rescue? I'm starting to wonder if I should start packing pictures off the walls and anything else sentimental... it's a surreal feeling.

I'm sure Mr. Daddy will read this later and just laugh. Remember, he was here when the water was UNDER the house.
I'm a California girl, earthquakes are my thing. I don't know what to do about all this water!

Thank you for all of you who took the time to post and email me saying that you were praying. Much love to you.

ps - we have friends with young children in Maple Valley... I am just sick seeing this picture:

Seems so odd to read about what's happening all around us. It is truly scary that there are so few avenues to escape if you're in the flood zone. They said it right when they called it an "island".

NW Wash. state cut off by flooding, slides, avalanches

Story Published: Jan 8, 2009 at 6:31 AM PST
Story Updated: Jan 8, 2009 at 10:20 AM PST
By KOMO Staff & News Services
Watch the story
Northwestern Washington state was effectively cut off from the rest of the nation and thousands of people abandoned their homes as snowmelt and rain swelled rivers and caused mudslides and avalanches that engulfed neighborhoods and closed major highways and railways.
More than 30,000 people were urged to leave their flood-endangered Western Washington homes, and emergency crews are still scrambling to assist those trapped in flooded neighborhoods. Some rivers had crested at record levels and some were still rising.
Dozens of roads and highways have been cut off, including Interstate 5 at Chehalis, where floodwaters several feet deep covered a 20-mile stretch of the main north-south arterial in Western Washington. Washington Transportation Secretary Paula Hammond said the freeway could be closed for four days.
She said the flooding is similar to the December 2007 flood that caused a four-day blockage on the main north-south route in Western Washington. Crews on the scene said the water over I-5 is still rising at nearly one foot per hour.
Interstate 90 remained closed across Snoqualmie pass by the risk of avalanches and mudslides, and the state Department of Transportation said it would not reopen on Thursday, as originally planned.
All other mountain passes remain closed as well, leaving no options to get out of northwestern Washington except by aircraft or by heading north through Canada.
Amtrak passenger train service out of Seattle was suspended due to mudslides, Amtrak said in a news release.
Many school districts were again forced to close or delay classes due to flooded roads (see full schools list).
Though the pounding rain that melted mountain snow and caused the flooding eased Thursday, flood warnings remained in effect for 14 counties in Western Washington and seven on the state's east side. The National Weather Service further warned that rain-soaked hillsides were at a high risk for landslides.
"It's right up there with some of our most memorable flood events," National Weather Service forecaster Doug McDonnal said Thursday. "The thing that's kind of amazing in the past few years is how many flood episodes we've had."
Hammond said when the Chehalis River crests Thursday night, officials expect water to be 10 feet deep over Interstate 5. After the water starts falling, crews plan to use pumps and breach a levy to help the water drain out.
The state has 1,200 DOT crew members out working to clear area roads, but options to get out of Western Washington are limited, as the major mountain passes over the cascades are also closed.
Highway officials abandoned plans to get one main east-west route over the mountains open sometime Thursday, due to the danger from mudslides and avalanches.