Thursday, January 08, 2009

Flooding Update


Looks like the river crested a bit earlier than expected!

Which means the one behind us stopped in the back pasture and didn't get up to the house.

I was up until 2am checking and praying (and blogging!)

We're having some drizzly showers here now, but nothing like the deluge that has been happening this week.

So far the main road out is closed (the one I barely made it through yesterday), and I have a feeling my alternate route is not safe. There is a train trestle that sits lower and always has puddles when it rains... it's gotta be deep by now.

The freeway has been shut down basically from us south.

You wouldn't think that a fi$cal employee like me would be needed at work right now, but we'll likely be doing some FEMA evaluations.

I just realized just how dang happy I was to write that boring sentence about FEMA. It means that this flooding hasn't harmed us or our loved ones. And as Linny said, the waters did not overtake us.

What an encouraging way to start the morning.

Thank you for praying friends! Please keep praying for all the people who may be trapped south of us (and actually a bit further north). For medical and physical needs to be met and for safe travel.

Will keep you updated as I hear more before work.


He & Me + 3 said...

Sorry, I read them out of order today. Know that you all are in my prayers.

Killlashandra said...

Glad it hasn't reached the house!