Saturday, January 03, 2009

How much of this can he take?

Mr. Daddy asked me.

"How much of what, hon?"

"The spinning around stuff."
"Oh... he's like me honey. My mom used to put me to sleep
by spinning me in a chair. He's fine."
(Yes, I love you Mom. And I love that you are the only one
who will still go on the Tilt-A-Whirl with me!)
And so it went.
Itty Bit climbing into the chair and pleading for "around and around".
Mr. Daddy obliging with spinner duty.
Mommy clicking away:

Climbing into the best chair


"Around and around?"


Oh yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about!

Faster and faster Daddy!


Okay, anyone else see that my head won't say up straight?

Maybe I'd better hold on.

Uh-oh... I'm starting to lean.


Ready for disembarking.

(We did not totally and outrageously laugh our pants off when Itty Bit did an immediate face plant. I mean, who does that? He didn't even whine. Just tried to stand up and looked at us through crossed eyes. What can I say, we are easily entertained!)


Carla (Choosing His Joy) said...

LOL that is so funny and so cute! Both my kids have always liked that too...except my daughter outgrew her liking of it : ). Must be a boy thing!

Elyse said...

Pure entertainment...looks like he is having loads of fun!

Mom Of Many said...

Love the story and love the pictures..he is just sooo precious....and your mom and you just have at it with all the fun on that tilt-a-whirl thing...I'll hold the purses and sweaters and bags of cotton candy *turning green around the gills just thinking about it*

He & Me + 3 said...

Way too cute! What a fun ride. I would have thrown up. LOL He is having a blast. I can hear the belly laugh now.

Rick said...

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Killlashandra said...

The thought just makes me stomach tilt and whirl all by itself. ;) I'm not one for going round and round in circles. No stomach of steel here. LOL

But the glee on his face is certainly worth a few more trips around the world in the chair.

Stacy said...

Looks like he was having a blast! I see these things that the kids do and wonder how they have the stomach for all their acrobatics LOL!