Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It’s Not Me Monday again!
(We're out of town for a while so we're a bit early. Trust me, I do dumb stuff every day of the week).

It was not me who freaked out when the kitchen sink sprayer busted loose, shot up to the ceiling and sent a 3' geyser of water straight up. In my brilliance, I did not respond by screaming like a girl and trying to cover the fountain with my hand. That in turn did not lead to it instead SPRAYING water everywhere while I did not continue to scream.

Mr. Daddy was not home and Itty Bit just stared in amusement. Not sure what the screaming accomplished, but turning the faucet off and screwing the sprayer head back on worked nicely. I mean, if that had happened...


After last week’s Not Me Monday, it was not me who had to listen to my husband all week:

“Hey hon, whaddya think of my rack now?”

“How ‘bout this one?”

“I’m even horn-ier now!”

My husband did not gleefully go stand under his biggest set of elk horns and pose... then earn a time-out after saying to me, "I bet women wished they could change out their racks this easy"

Mr. Daddy does NOT think it’s absolutely hilarious that his antics garner more comments than my misadventures!

I did not go out to fill the horses’ water buckets and get clumsy with the hose. I did not end up filling up my boot with freezing water while slipping around in the cold.

Not me who started a new game with Itty Bit by stopping in front of him abruptly and letting him run headfirst into my rear-end and laughing at him. It is not me who is being followed constantly now by a little kid butting me in the rear end and laughing hysterically.
It was not me who posted a goofy picture after one of the

horses sprayed mud on me… to walk into work and realize Mr. Daddy had let all my coworkers in on it. Thoughtful, eh?

It’s not me who can’t bear to take down the Christmas picture from my header because it still takes my breath away every time I open the blog.

It was not me who just had to add the word “BLOG” to my spell-check dictionary. I mean, who doesn’t know what a blog is anymore? :)

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Hilary said...

Your header picture takes my breath away everytime I see it, too!

It's simply beautiful!


PS Aren't husbands just like little kids sometimes???
Okay...all the time??

Elyse said...

Mr. Daddy is hilarious and antics or not...he is hilarious! Loved your NMM and hope you guys had a great weekend!

He & Me + 3 said...

You two keep me in stitches. Yikes on the water...I would have been screaming too. Mr. Daddy is just hysterical & that picture is just too much! I am laughing so hard right now.

Brooke said...

You are my Monday dose of funny! Mr. Daddy sure is a character, and I advise you to STEP AWAY from the water :)

Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!! OMG as if you guys don't have ENOUGH water at your house! LOL

Yeah....NICE RACK! ROFL!!! Oh my...and I STILL laugh over it! I needed that laugh today! Thanks, my dear! Or deer. ;)

Wayne said...

great not me monday it made me laugh alot

-stephanie- said...

Keep the picture up all winter. It's beautiful.
And won't Mr. Daddy be happy that he is still being talked about in the Not Me's.
funny stuff.

Tim said...


That was soooooo funny! I am just loving you guys blog. You are gonna have to become a follower on ours so I can put a link on our site to yours. And your son........ well there are no words.


Stacy said...

Oh, Mr. Daddy, you are incorrigible!

Hope you are having fun out of town and it wasn't because the flooding forced you out of your home. Hopefully things are drying out for you guys!

Killlashandra said...

Hope the out of town adventure is a good one. I hope things are drying for you that's for sure.

Pam said...

First and foremost--your header picture is AWESOME. This is my 1st time visiting and I just sat and stared at it for a minute. It's just perfect! I vote you leave it til Spring.

My girls loved to play that "game" just like yours does. The silliest things get the best giggles.