Saturday, January 10, 2009

Out of Africa (by way of Durango)!

I would like to start out by saying thank you to Linny and DW from A Place Called Simplicity! Neither Rach or myself expected any type of an award, for having so much fun blogging and lurking about on others, blogs and leaving comments. :o)

Linny the bracelet that you got for Rach was really beautiful, and the figurine that you got for me was very interesting,,,,, After we made sure there were no needles, and some serious wondering as to which denomination you really belonged to??? I totally relaxed and started to enjoy the little fellow. And when I look at him now from his honored position on the kitchen counter, I feel the warm stirrings of new friendships and fun memories.

Now I still have not a clue in my pea-brained Redneckness what it is, I totally understand the spirit in which it was given, and that in itself makes it a precious and valued gift, (but Linny don't you dare think about sending me a needle as a follow up gift).

As there are probably a bunch of you that are wondering what the Sam Hill I am blathering about, you will have to go on over to Linny's Blog: A Place called Simplicity and read up on all the neat and wonderful things that are going on in their lives, that has spilled over into ours through this medium of Blogging.

Thank you again Linny and DW for the thoughtful gifts from Africa. Now Rach has something that she would like to add. :o)


Hey y'all... it's me (umm yeah, the previous owner of the blog that occasionally gets hijacked by Mr. Daddy and when it does, he crows about all the comments he gets... yeah).

Just wanted to add my thanks to Linny and DW - and Graham and Emma and Elizabeth and Elijah who brought these special gifts back with them all the way from Uganda!

It was an unexpected delight and it was tough waiting for our flood-delayed mail once we learned a surprise was coming!

Linny, the bracelet is just beautiful! I had to wrestle it away from Mr. Daddy... who wondered if it would fit him. MEN.

Itty Bit has been a bit perturbed that this particular gift isn't a toy for him. But how can I blame him? He is intrigued by the poseable limbs and I'm sure those would pose in ways they weren't intended to in his little hands!
We were honored to be able to pray for you and Mr. Daddy loved that he could make you guys laugh. It is a sweet thing that you guys were thinking of us all the way over there!

It is the coolest thing to look at these gifts and be reminded over and over again that God loves to surprise us with miracles... and your precious family brought these all the way home to us... from Africa by way of Durango :)


He & Me + 3 said...

How neat for both of you! I am off to check them out.

Tim said...

Hey there. I have seen you on many of the blogs I frequent. Mimi (the comment above) is one of the many people I have seen you on. Anyway so I thought I would stop by and check you out. Especially since I have been seeing your comments for probably a month now. Anyway, love the blog. Very funny which is just the way I like to keep mine. If its ok with you Id like to follow along.

Please feel free to stop by and visit us as well. You are more than welcome to follow us as well if you like.

God Bless.

Stacy said...

What lovely gifts! That is so sweet of them to bring you gifts back from Africa.

Hope you guys are drying out now!

Tim said...

Thanks for all the great comments. I just love that both you and your husband blog. Actually now that I think of it Im really not sure who will be reading this. LOL I couldnt pay my wife to do this, much less cook. I know we are a bit backwards right. Its ok because it works out. All I do is cook. If I didnt I swear she would probably starve. LOL

Mom Of Many said...

Okay guys, I somehow missed this entire post, but am up late and decided to catch up (since Ty is gone)...anyway,

I am glad the pkg finally got there...the little guy is not a voo-doo doll you goof!! He is just a figurine...they are quite popular...carrying sticks, ladies carrying baskets...but didn't think the lady was really what Mr. Daddy wanted, although it would be a woman working (so you know how men are about that!! sit back and watch them do it all...I mean not Mr. daddy - no chance of that..)...anyway, I laughed about the needles...sorry, if you mistook it for something creepy like that.. it never even crossed my mind...

Anyway, thanks for your friendship guys!! We are blessed by you both...and yeah, Dw is having way too much fun w/MY blog (and to think he harassed me mercilessly that I would type on mine - he just was clueless as to how fun it really was - - and now he's all happy about it - dork)

Okay, heading to bed...nite nite from our log home to yours...xo