Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I knew I should expect some kind of revenge after posting the lovely photo of my husband with a hot pink inflatable raft yesterday.

But we actually have a bit of a dilemma about this one. See... my husband claims the revenge was unintentional. I say he caused it so it has to count as already paid back in full. What do you think?

I stayed up an hour later and attempted to catch up on some favorite blogs. When I finally slipped into bed, my icy hands startled a sleeping Mr. Daddy and he clocked me soundly in the nose.

Oh, that's not the revenge.

So I kissed him goodnight and fluffed the blanket upward. A rather large object landed next to my head and I turned to see what it was.

See might not be entirely accurate since it was pitch black in the room. I moved closer and suddenly realized my face was ON something that smelled vaguely familiar.

It took a couple seconds for my tired mind to register, but when it did... let's just say that Mr. Daddy instantly remembered that he'd changed Itty Bit's wet DIAPER on the bed earlier, rolled it up, and left it next to my pillow.

Me: Uh, gee. Thanks hon.

Mr. Daddy: No wait... that doesn't count (laughing hysterically)

Me: Whaddya mean?!? Of course it counts!

Mr. Daddy: That's not revenge. That's a "God'll get ya" thing.

Me: No way, you gotta claim that payback.

UGH! So, help us out here...
Was it truly revenge?
Of course, the diaper didn't plant itself!
No way... didn't count if it was unintentional.
God has a sense of humor!
Itty Bit waited for the perfect time...
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He & Me + 3 said...

Ya'll are hysterical. If he laughed, than that counts. LOL

Killlashandra said...

Funny poll. :) I tend to think unintentional is not always payback, but definitely a surprise. LOL