Thursday, January 08, 2009

We're okay

I think the rivers have finally crested... at least the news says it's supposed to happen in the next 7 minutes.

The rain let up for awhile and it was amazing to see the difference just a mile down the road... sunshine and big puddles - but not near the moving water we had on our property.

I wish I'd gotten a picture... Mr. Daddy's family was out in a BOAT alongside their home. Vehicles had to be moved out of the water and luckily they were able to maneuver the gravel to channel some of the flow away from the in-laws' place. This was next door. Too close for comfort.
On my way to work, it was bizarre to drive down a steep incline with my tires splashing through water quickly running downhill. Just the sheer volume was amazing.

Here is what the freeway looks like... keep in mind this is just a couple minutes south of us... the exit on our road is where they've closed it off to.
The line is the freeway divider, I just can't get over how widespread the standing water is...

And I'm not quite sure this driver had permission to be out there... (remember buddy, the State Patrol has enforcement planes...:)

Here's another aerial shot

Those little white things on the lower right corner are vehicles if that gives you any sense of the scope of this water. Again - please pray for the vulnerable people who may be stranded. We seem to be on the edge of the flooded area. While I was VERY NERVOUS... I did not have to experience the damage and devastation many people have.

And the major excitement of the day was not even about the water after all... (Pat is gonna love this)

Mr. Daddy's family was contacted and informed that our horses were loose on the highway.

Excuse me... did you say on the highway???

Yes, they were on the highway.

Good Lord. My rather fearful arab was running around on a 50mph road with her buddy and not wanting to be caught. Mr. Daddy's nephew-in-law (yes, I can make that up... it's been a long day) blocked off traffic and tried to corral the skittish girl.

Sounds like Cassie was an easy catch, but Kona made them work for it.

When Nephew-In-Law got frustrated after a few attempts, I'm told he finally yelled, "Kona, STAND!"

This part just cracks me up... I'm always bragging to people about what a verbal horse she is. And they usually kinda humor me but give me that look like I'm outta my mind. I told ya... I have to s-p-e-l-l the word TROT or CANTER unless I want her to hear me and automatically start doing it.

Anyhow... Kona stops dead in her tracks and waits for him to catch her. And to think that's all it took?

So... Mr. Daddy's project tomorrow is to add another safety thingamajig to the gate (thanks Hon). And we are just so, SO incredibly grateful that we are all safe and whole and dry at the end of this day.

This is the day that the Lord has made... I will rejoice and be glad in it!

Thank you so much my dear bloggy friends for your encouraging comments and prayers and even for emailing and checking on us. We are grateful for such heartwarming support.


Pat said...

Gee Rachel, That video is something, I had no idea the water was that close to you. If you ever need help, I have customers who live very near you who would be happy to check on your equines if you ever need them. Including my sister, Linda.

(I'm cool with he link back.) See you soon! Stay dry. I hope this water backs off soon! I've got to haul a horse to Pe Ell soon.

PS: Your son is beautiful.

Mom Of Many said...

Thank you Jesus that you are all safe and the water is receding. Power of prayer - no doubt! The pictures are amazing.

I got up in the night cause I couldn't sleep and prayed that there would be an update.

Continuing to pray!!

He & Me + 3 said...


That is unbelievable. I am so grateful that you all are safe. So glad that the horses are ok too.

Alicia W. said...

So glad everyone is okay and safe! I have been praying for all of you like crazy.

Stacy said...

I am so happy you all are safe! Wow, that is just amazing flooding. I was listening to the news on XM on the way in and they said that the flooding in WA has been a 100 year event...two years in a row!

Glad that your horses got caught, too. That happens, but at least no one hit them and they got home all safe and sound. I don't blame them for freaking out and pushing out of the pen. They were doing that fight or flight thing that is in all of us naturally.

I'll be praying for the people that continue to be affected by the flooding and are being evacuated from their homes. Nature is such scary stuff at times. :(

Killlashandra said...

Well I'm glad you and the house and the horses are safe. I'm not too surprised they got out though. With the water rising they probably got scared and started looking for ways to escape. Horses can be quite inventive. We've had horses quite capable of opening gates. ;)

Jaime said...

Oh, wow! I've been out of the loop for a few days and I see I missed a lot in your neck of the woods! That's scary! Please keep us updated as you're able. I'm praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! That is a TON of water!! I love seeing the pictures though! You guys stay safe!