Thursday, January 15, 2009

Whoo-hoo YEAH BABY!

Sorry... just a tad excited :)

Itty Bit got Honorable Mention in the first I Heart Faces contest! (here)

I hope y'all aren't offended by my liberal YIPPIE-ing, and can understand part of why I get so darn tickled when I see that picture...

See, Itty Bit is not supposed to be here. I wasn't supposed to be able to have kids. And when Mr. Daddy grinningly said one day, "we'd make cute kids"... my heart secretly mourned.

Several long years of me not being able to have a child (that's another post), and God surprised us both with this little miracle.

And that's exactly what I remember when I see this little blue-eyed boy. I think the wonder on his face was the same as on mine when I met him for the first time.

Can you tell I'm feeling a little grateful tonight?


He & Me + 3 said...

He truly is a gift from God...and a precious sweet and adorable gift. God is so good and congrats on the honorable mention! It is a great shot.

Stacy said...

Yes, your little man is a gift from God. An adorable little gift! :) When I hear stories like yours it gives me hope for others. It took us a year of trying to have Kai, which I thought was a long time. Now I know better. Anya took 1 month...sometimes are bodies do the strangest things!

I'm so glad to hear you got honorable mention and not one bit surprised...well, I am surprised you didn't WIN, but honorable mention is good, too. :)

Jaime said...

Yay! Congratulations! Mr. Daddy was right, you guys did make a cute kid! :-)

So neat to hear part of the story.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! He is GORGEOUS!

And HUGEEEEEEEE-O CONGRATS on the Honorable Mention on your photo of him! WOOHOOO!! That's HUGE!

Tim said...

I saw that on the I heart faces site last night and am so proud of you. How could it not get some kind of recognition though? I mean he is SOOOO cute!

Have a GREAT weekend!


Killlashandra said...

Congrats! It's such a wonderful picture he totally deserves it. :)

Sara said...

I 100%, completely understand your excitement and gratefulness. You have every right to feel the way you do! I am so happy you are blessed.

Sending love,

angie {the arthur clan} said...

Super-huge congrats for placing in the Top Ten in our contest last week at! Your photo was a beauty (and reading deeper into the story just now made it even better!)

Can't wait to see what you decide to enter next week. :)

co-founder of iHeartFaces