Friday, February 20, 2009

Ever have one of those days?

The kind that drain all your energy without a visible accomplishment.

Where you’re left at the end of the day wondering just what you got done for all that effort?

Struggling to capture the simple and joyful moments, because they’re awfully hard to find?


We’re in a period of transition at work. And it seems to create its own kind of stress.

A morning at the office went suddenly and inexplicably wrong.

Things went from Point A to Point Z without a chance to figure out what was happening.

I found my hands shaking. Not from anger or fear, but from anxiety.
In a position where decisions had to be made, and quickly.

It was one of those days where work life spilled over into home life.
Where Mr. Daddy had to bear the emotion-laden boatload of words and offer his advice.

It was a day of choices that didn’t feel rewarding. One after another that were the lesser of two evils.

The end result… no one is happy with. There is no winner, and still much work to be done. The same issues will be waiting for me the next morning at the office.

Late into the evening I am still writing correspondence, still sorting it out. And my troubled mind is interrupted by one sweet little boy who silently stands in front of my chair with outstretched arms.

Do you know how quickly my heart turned from being overwhelmed, to grateful?

As he snuggled into my shoulder, the transition was complete.

We went through three of his favorite books – completely from memory. And it felt significant, like an accomplishment. GOOD.

Guess what? Those 15 hours a week of his awake time that I miss while I’m in the office??? That’s my second job.

The moments I’m cradling this adorable boy and reciting “Putt-putt-putt said Little Red”… that’s my calling. And the job benefits are better than any career.



Tim said...

AMEN Rach AMEN!! That was an AWESOME post!

There truly is nothing better than spending time with your kids.

Love and Prayers,


Carla (Choosing His Joy) said...

(((Hugs))) Rachel....thanks for all the sweet comments on my blog. I have had a busy week too but in different ways....nothing compares to snuggling with our children, it so melts all the stress away!

Alicia W. said...

Love this post! I have too been there. Nothing better in the world than spending good quality time with your babies. Have a fantastic weekend.

Pam said...

Nothing compares to those big eyes and those little outstretched arms, now does it?!

Why is it that something 15 hours a week can simply drain the life out of you? Because it's not just 15 hours a week. It's more because of all of the mental time involved when you can't leave it at work.

But then agan, sometimes we all need to see it as it really is~~a second job. Our kids will always come 1st!

It's the weekend~~ENJOY IT!