Friday, February 13, 2009


otherwise entitled

"Why I am Not Allowed to Make My Own Valentines Anymore"

Many moons ago, when yours truly was in second grade or thereabouts, she insisted that she could do all of her classmates' Valentines by herself.

She worked hard at them, carefully addressing and putting a personal message on each one.

She was excited to hand them out at school the next day!

The next day dawned and she walked through the classroom, depositing her cards into the construction paper heart envelopes attached to each chair.

By the end of the day, trouble loomed.

Her mother was called to school to explain just why her daughter had filled the cards with personal (albeit a bit honest) messages to each student?

"Happy Valentine's Day. You look funny."

"Happy Valentine's Day. You smell."

and her personal favorite:

"Happy Valentine's Day you big monster."

What could have been wrong with those? She never quite understood why Mom only let her sign her name on them for the remainder of her school years...

Oh come on... does this look like anything except the face of an innocent 2nd-grader?



He & Me + 3 said...

No you didn't? I am cracking up over here. Not that sweet little girl on the grass calling her friends monsters and telling them they smell. Too funny. My kids whine about signing their names. lOL

Pam said...

You are cracking me the heck up! Hey, at least you were an honest child. Your Mom had that going for her!

OK, my friend. I see that you need a new project. Nothing big, of course. Since you were tagged in '07 and '08 it's time to just go ahead and get it out of the way for '09.

Hop over to my place and check it out. It's very simple and you set how much you want to do.

Can't wait to see all the things you LOVE!

Have a great weekend,

Sara said...

Oh, Rachel, I am cracking up! That is so funny! What a little spitfire you were even as a 2nd grader! :) Thanks for the Valentine I know to be careful with Madeline. :)

I also loved your Breathe post. I agree with every word you wrote on that. Thanks for sharing!


jamestownboys said...

ha ha ha THAT IS SO FUNNY!!!!!!
I bet some kid out there will always remember the "special" valentine he received in the second grade - ha ha :)

Rissa said...

Aww too cute.. James & I Laughted at this one.. Now you can sign your own cards again yay!! LOL

Killlashandra said...

LOL - Honesty is a wonderful trait, however, maybe for valentines day a little less of it might be better. ;) Cute story.

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