Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hey, I know you!

alternately titled: How to freak out someone who doesn't know she's your friend

You guys know that I feel badly when I don't keep up with everyone's blogs, right? So I really shouldn't add any new ones to the list. But I can't help it. I'm doomed... I Heart Faces has sucked me in.

I can't just go look at pictures - I get pulled into the stories and I end up wandering to older posts and marveling at the unbelievable amount of goodness and diversity in our lives. It's like the anti-news. You turn it on for the good stuff.

Keep in mind I've been hitting up some I Heart Faces links and learning as much as I can from photographs I admire.

So... we're downtown Wednesday night. A half hour away from home and hungry.

Itty Bit is all about the french fries, so we pull into the Red Robin parking lot. We head in, get our names on the list, and hang out with Itty Bit in the arcade.

Then it happens.

I squeal and grab Mr. Daddy's arm. I gesture toward the family that has just walked in and excitedly say, "I know them!"

Okay, go say hi.

No, hon... I mean I know them from their blog.


Yeah, their son is Aidan and they put pictures up on I Heart Faces and the dad won the favorite photo last week - you know, with his face looking up in the snow.

(By this time I'm speaking near gibberish speed and trying to keep my voice down).

Yes... it felt totally surreal.
I mean, I get it when MckMama gets recognized. I mean, she has four little ones and a huge following. Odds are a bit better for her.

But me? This happened to ME?!

Mr. Daddy finally convinces me to walk over and introduce myself.

Note to fellow bloggers: When approaching a totally unsuspecting known person who assumes she is unknown... do not start out by saying her kid's name.

Do not then follow that with a barely coherent stream of facts you know about them.

See, I walked up to Heather from Adventures of Aidanpod and said, "Is this Aidan"?

She looked at me with an expression that was equal parts surprise, confusion, and maybe a bit of "are you a stalker?"

Can you blame her? Here I am talking about her like I've just read all her recent blog posts (oh wait... I did), and going on about I Heart Faces and what a small world it is.

I saw her eyes widen when she realized that I truly was one of her blog followers, and not some crazy psychic who knew her son's name. We both were amazed that we managed to bump into eachother and it was all because of her photograph of Aidan.

(Turns out she's linked to a bunch of other bloggy friends too, so it was bound to happen sometime, right? Seriously, check out how many links! He & Me + 3, Dinkypops No More, All These B's and Me, and A Wrinkle in Time!)

We barely got a chance to talk... the restaurant was busy and Itty Bit was... well, he was TWO.

But it was so nice to meet someone in person and see the living versions of the amazing photographs.

Let me tell ya... I coaxed a smile out of little Aidan and *sigh* I was melting.

Hoping to "bump" into them again soon!

The update is that we have both been featured as the Fans of the Week!!! Thank you so much I Heart Faces!

(speaking of photography, please check out Mr. Daddy's post below for some amazing pictures from a viewpoint not many people get a chance to shoot from!)


Carebear said...

That is so cool! I squealed out loud when I read this because you girls are practically neighbors with me. Now I'm going to have to memorize your avatars so I can pinpoint how I know you when I see you! Congrat on being FOTW! Well deserved!

Heather said...

You crack me up, Rachel!!! I just went over to I Heart Faces and I'm loving our little shout out! Or BIG shout out! It's awesome!

And I have to say, I totally freaked out when I looked at your last post and the comments, and recognized half the names. How in the heck do we have that many buddies in common???

I absolutely loved your recap of last night. So funny! : ) Maybe all of our Washington readers will "come out" and we can have our own South Sound Picnic in the Park like MckMama wants to have in the Frozen Tundra?! We can "MckCruise" around Capitol lake with our babes in tow (since I won't be able to afford the real MckCruise). : )

He & Me + 3 said...


I think that is so cool...I read about it on Heather's blog last night. She is such a sweet girl. I am so jealous that all these people are getting to meet each other. I love it though. the blog world connecting people that otherwise might not have met. So neat.
That would be weird to recognize someone from the a movie star kindof thing. Wow!
Going to check out Mr. Daddy's post now. Love the new header. Gorgeous!

Kameron said...

I am still cracking up at your account of the encounter! I didn't get to the fabric store yesterday (didn't get out of work early enough), but I'm not going in today so I will cruise over there this afternoon!

Pam said...

That is so cool!

What a lucky chick you are to have gotten to meet a fellow blogger. Are you thinking about going on the MckCruise? I'm thinking that that boat will be overrun by bloggers and all of the WiFi will be jammed!

Have a great weekend,

Pam said...

Hey, Rach!
I forgot to comment up there that I tagged you ;-)

It's super fun and easy and simply requires a snap shot of whatever purse, backpack or diaper bag you happen to be carrying right now.

Stop over and join the fun!


Stacy said...

Wow! What serendipity! I have met a few people from online forums that live in my area, but those were planned. I think I would be a little freaked out if someone came up to my kids and started talking about them...but I would get over it quickly. It's so nice to meet new people, and I'd love to meet some of my bloggy friends. :)

Kelli W said...

This is such a great story!! I can tell from your writing that you were SUPER excited to meet a bloggy friend!! Congratulations on being Fan of the Week!! I enjoyed reading the great story on your blog and on the I heart faces blog!!

Nene said...

Tears are streaming down my face I am laughing SO hard! This has happened to me - not that anyone has recognized me - but I have recognized someone from their blog and I get all fan-crazy like I've just met a celebrity!

Oh man, you are high-larious! Glad I bookmarked you to my blog stalking list!

Unknown said...

That's so fun! :-) I love when worlds cross. Just wanted to say congrats on being fans of the week! :-)

Bird's Eye View Photography said...

How funny!! I to am an iheartfaces addict... it is really a great group of positive people that participate and congrats on be a FOTW!

Bird's Eye View Photography said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bird's Eye View Photography said...

How funny!! I to am an iheartfaces addict... it is really a great group of positive people that participate and congrats on be a FOTW!

Melinda said...

Congrats on being FOTW! What a very cool story.

itschristyb said...

HA! Heather is my life long best friend dating back to grade school. She was sooooo excited to tell me the crazy news about you two bumping into each other. What a small "blogging" world! How neat! Wonder who you bump into next!
Oh, thanks for commenting on my little Ellie. It's the first time I ever entered a contest like that one. I'm not too much into photography but I love taking pictures of my girl.
See you on line! :) Christy

Keri said...

I first read about this on I Heart Faces. How awesome is this? I'd so love to meet a fellow blogger, but somehow I don't know that I'll have that much luck. Funny too, cause I follow both your blogs. I loved reading about this a second time. So cool.

Brooke said...

I was chatting with Heather late last week about your encounter! How crazy is it that you actually ran into one another. Just goes to prove it is a small world!

Unknown said...

I read your story over on I heart faces (I'm hooked, too!) and I think it's SO COOL that you guys ran into each other. What a great story!

Killlashandra said...

This is when you start singing the it's a small world song. ;)

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