Sunday, February 08, 2009

Not Me Monday!

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Just to start the day off right... it was not me who snuggled with a sleepy Itty Bit this morning. When he stuck his "big owie" on his hand in front of my face, it was not me who automatically kissed it. Without realizing that a big ugly blister had just burst. Gross and uber-gross. Of course that wasn't me... I would have checked, right?

It was not my kid who destroyed an entire display at Baby Gap. It was not me who was more than a little weirded out by the headless mannequins. It was not me who really struggled with whether to blog about it… I am not still dying of sheer embarrassment.


It was not me who Itty Bit intentionally body-slammed today. After a less-than-earnest “sorry” was thrown my way, Mr. Daddy did not say to the little offender… “You say ‘sorry’ like you MEAN IT”.

I did not then lose it and start giggling madly when Itty Bit imitated him perfectly with a genuine “Sorry, MEAN IT!”


It was not me who was totally excited to have a Mom’s Night Out with my friends. Not me who gleefully fired off a text message to Mr. Daddy that said “got a guy drooling on me, want to come pick me up?”

It was not Mr. Daddy who arrived to find us girls having a fabulous time on our “wild night out” with a little heartbreaker who was all of 34 days old and cuter than the dickens. And uh yeah… he was not also drooling all over my shoulder. I do not have baby fever, I do not have baby fever, I SOOOO do not have baby fever.


My kid does NOT have a thing for chapstick. He knows exactly where it goes and uses it sparingly.

He does not place it anywhere it doesn't belong.


It was not Itty Bit who ducked his head into the sink faster than I could react. Not me who spit toothpaste all over the back of his head.

It was not Mr. Daddy who just read this and started chuckling… “you spit TOOTHPASTE all over his head?!?”

Yeah, it’s NOT been that kind of week…

Come on… play along!


Elyse said...

It was not me who died laughing at the toothpaste story. Gotta love those little ones who stand/rather move in the way of toothpaste :) Have a great week!

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh Rachel,

Those were so good. My week was less eventful...Thank the good Lord. I love the chapstick pictures. so cute. His smile makes me chuckle everytime. My girls spit on each other all the time while brushing their is so lovely. I am cracking up still about the Gap display, replaying that in my mind is all day humor...sorry. finally...too funny about "Sorry, Mean it" The things that come out of their little mouths. Crack ups. Thanks for the laughs this morning:)

Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!! Oh yes, I too, have NEVER spit toothpaste on the back of one of the kids' head...never.

And I too...DO NOT have baby fever after doing photos of a 6 week old beautiful baby boy....

Sarah said...

Hey I've knocked over plenty of displays in lots of stores (& I won't tell you how old I was, at least not here).....just walk away before anyone sees you, or make it look like a bigger accident than it was!

Brooke said...

Toothpaste incident was pretty darn funny! And T does not have an obsession with chapstick either!

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Oh my goodness, this was too funny. Great pictures too.

Beans said...

Thanks for the laugh, needed it today. I can sympathize with the baby crazy...

Pam said...

You make me laugh so hard.

As if you could have topped this week's post about what is now publically being referred to as the "Incident at The Gap"!

Spitting toothpaste in Itty Bitty? Classic! But I've only hit the arms. Not the back of the head. That's a good one!

Have a great week,

Killlashandra said...

Ok the toothpaste one, that's pretty funny. My problem is W.W. likes to wave his toothbrush around before it goes in his mouth usually spraying the sink a bright blue.

As for a puppy, you gotta watch 'em. Ours dug up a little tree we had planted in the front yard and my husband about had a fit.

And I think a skating party for the 50th would be awesome! I bet it's a total blast.

Sara said...

I loved the GAP and toothpaste stories. I hope we are laughing with you and not at you. It makes for a great story. :)


Stacy said...

Um...I've spit on my kids before, too. *raising hand* It is bound to happen when they ABSOLUTELY have to brush their teeth when you are. They wash off fine. ;)

Love his little Sorry MEAN IT! They know how to redeem themselves, don't they?

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