Monday, May 25, 2009

How do you say Thank You?

Somehow a Not Me Monday post doesn't feel right.
You might have read about my grandfather - and how his service to our country
makes him a hero in more ways than one.
I'm reposting this letter from Tyler - a soldier whose service protects the safety and freedoms that we enjoy every day. Whose efforts might mean that someday, some one else's sons and daughters might experience the same safety and freedoms.
Please read his letter - and say a prayer for him and his fellow soldiers.
from a grateful nation.

(Isaiah and big brother Tyler)

For some of my bloggy friends who have stuck around for awhile... you'll remember that my grandfather served at Iwo Jima, then survived tours through the Solomon Islands and Guadalcanal.

I appreciate what our men and women in uniform are doing. And I have no way of personally thanking them except to pray for them. For their safety and speedy return home.

Since stumbling upon the Saunders Family last year and following their amazing stories... I have been especially led to pray for their son Tyler.

See, Tyler is giving back to his country by serving in the Special Forces. I hardly think he has a hero complex - but has a genuine heart to do the right thing.

So many of our men and women who are doing the same... are making the ultimate sacrifice. I first read Tyler's recent open letter with goosebumps, tears, and a growing sense of appreciation. Can I just say that I want to hug him in person and tell him how grateful I am?

So here it is, in Tyler's own words.

"For those of you who are diligently praying for the troops I ask you to pray for America. At some point during this war, the death of American soldiers in combat has become unacceptable.
What has become unacceptable is the American public calling for a withdrawl. Our grandparents during World War II had ration cards, victory gardens and a nationwide speed limit of 40 (due to the wear and tear on tires since rubber was in such a short supply). The American public has sacrificed nothing. If anything they have only benefitted from the fact this war has stabilizd this corroding economy.
The fact of the matter is, America, not the troops has become the casualty in this conflict. The will that got our great-grandparents through the depression has disappeared. The heart that got young men through the draft in both World Wars also has dissipated. The heroism that was so commmon in Vietnam has now become a rarity.
I have served in multiple theatres and can say from absolute truth I know exactly what I have signed up for. I have lost friends. But through it all I know exactly what I have to do and that is press on.
Sadly, the same America I signed up to defend is not the America I know now. This war on terrorism has been reduced to coffee talk at colleges and debates on the media. For those of you out there who know how to fix this conflict or at least tell your friends how to, sign up, suit up, and come on over. There's plenty of room for all.
I will get off my soapbox now.....I will ask you once more though, pray for America.
Very Respectfully, Tyler"

You see why his words were so moving? Please, my friends. Go back to the top of the post - and pray specifically for this soldier. He deserves nothing less.

I posted a tribute that I put together last year here. The song by Twila Paris is amazing - I hope it touches you as it did me.

God Bless You


Shanda said...

Powerful words. I like Tyler already! So true & so sad. One thing that was completely different back then from now? Media.

So true that we need to understand true sacrifice and how to wait...

Kameron said...

The words resonate because they are so true. I think most Americans are spoiled by our freedoms and the biggest one is our freedom of speech. People think their opinion is always the only opinion and don't know how it is affecting the men and women serving and dying to keep their freedom to say what they please.

Jill @ Sneaky Momma said...

I read this letter first on her site. I'm so glad you posted it. We need to hear from our troops to remind us that they are actual people who are sacrificing THEIR time and their lives for US.
What a moving tribute! I had tears in my eyes within minutes. :)

Stacy said...

Tyler is so right! Wonderful words from that young man, and so truthful. Our country is spoiled and doesn't understand sacrifice. The people that died on 9/11 have been forgotten. It makes me so angry, and the media is definitely partly to blame.

Thanks for sharing that slideshow, too. Brought tears to my eyes.

He & Me + 3 said...

So true are his words. i will pray for Tyler. Thanks for sharing that powerful!

Alicia W. said...

What a touching post! I'm so glad you posted that. God bless our troops and I'll pray for Tyler.

Have a great day Rachel!

Pam said...

What an amazing sightful young man. He will be in my prayers as all the others are. I have two friends with son's fighting for America now. Just yesterday I heard of another young man who will be going for his second tour in a few months, and yet another one that I heard of today that just entered basic. We all need to remember the reason they are there...for us, for America. Thank you for the post. said...

Thanks for this post. I am praying for him.

God bless America and fine soldiers like Tyler!

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

I am praying. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Susan said...

What an eloquent young man! I heard a public radio program this morning that had a number of military men on it, asking that Americans not feel sorry for them or think they are victims in some way of their government. They believe strongly in what they are doing for the goal of world peace. They wanted us all to remember that this is the vocation they chose for themselves, and their love for our country keeps them focused on their choice and their belief that they are right to WANT to defend freedom in the world. They are to be remembered with gratitude and respect, not only today, but every day. I do keep them in my prayers for their safety, and my prayers of gratitude for their service. That is the least they ask. Please remember to help a deployed serviceman's family if you can. They make a sacrifice in having their loved ones gone, serving in other parts of the world. They deserve to remembered with respect and gratitude, too; and helping them is a way of expressing that gratitude.

Stacy said...

I remember both your grandfather and Tylers letter. Both have touched me. I have several family members that have served, too. I wish I knew my Grandpa mom's dad. He was a pilot in WWII, but got malaria when he was shot down. It weakend his heart and he died while driving home from the mill in his 40's. :(

I am thankful for all who have served and died for our freedoms.

Pam said...

Very fitting post for Memorial Day! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

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