Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mr. Daddy's Rebuttal

Ok, so I have LIMPED to the computer to defend my honor. As I remember it, that is not exactly how it went down!!

So here, as the late Paul Harvey would say is the: RRrrrreeeeessssssttt of the story.

she got the first couple of lines right.

Her: u r SO busted Mister!
me: HUH? (so much easier to text than "O.K. dear what am I in the dog house for now?")

Now here I have to explain that we Less-Than-Elite at work have a very watered down version of email. And the sending and receiving of attachments is a dubious process at best.
Now the Chosen Few, have a much more enhanced version.

I have stated all this to point out the first of many deviations from the facts.

Fact number 1: Her: Go ck ur email.
Her real tx was: Go ck G's email. (G is my supervisor). At this point I must admit that it was more of a real "HUH?" than a "what am I in the dog house for HUH". Why in the world would I need to be checking G's email?????????

I have not made it to the Elite status, but have gained a Quasi-elite honor, of being G's backup guy, thus allowing me Attachment Ability when needed (a dubious honor at best I must admit)

My curiosity being more than slightly piqued, I make my way to the supervisors' office. G happens to be in his cubicle and another supervisor is there also (did I mention that we have a dearth of supervisors??) I elbow my way in front of the computer and bring up the email. (He only sniveled and whined a little), found the appropriate attachment and brought it up..

OMG!!!! Both supervisors are howling! Me? I'm only slightly disappointed that my boy can have tattoos but can't sprout a mustache..... :o(

Without fully thinking it through, (obviously) I fire off a text asking that very question. In retrospect, I should have given it more thorough consideration; as her response, something about assault and great bodily harm, was probably an accurate description of her next text

In a feeble attempt at some serious damage control, and to bring a little humor to a currently very humorless gal.

Me: ???blog worthy????

Do you think my injuries qualify as an L&I claim???? I was on the job after all!!!

I don't think the Limp will be permanent, and my vision is getting better in the one eye. The other is still swelled shut! And it is a pain trying to post with one arm in a sling........

But hey: things are looking up, she says she still loves me..........


Anonymous said...

Ah, isn't the design of life wonderful? Rachel wrote a beautiful post a few days ago about wondering how her deafness will affect Itty Bit; and Mr. Daddy then wrote this sincere, loving comment about not wanting to trade deafness for hearing if it changes anything about WHO she is--a wonderful, romantic comment for her to replay while she's looking at her highly decorated furniture and her son who wanted to try the look of gorilla fur on his arms. Mr. Daddy, I think you saved your own butt, in advance, a few days ago... :o) Sorry about the limp and the eye and the sling, though. Those things might heal before Itty Bit goes to Kindergarten with the faint marks of Sharpie still showing....
Rachel, you might want to go online to see if a furniture manufacturer can give some advice on what to use to remove the marks from your furniture. As far as I know (and from experience I learned before I knew that Sharpies have to be placed in high cabinets) only soap and water and time can remove permanent ink from skin. Good luck!

Stacy said...

LOL...I hope you aren't hurting too bad. I'm sure it could have been much worse if you had been home at the time the furniture infraction was discovered! ;) That's actually the reason why we bought rustic tables for our family room. The scratches blend in so well! ;)

Pam D said...

Hmmm... Mr. Daddy, are you sure you aren't an attorney? You sure do put up a good defense! So glad to know that the swelling is subsiding and that all limbs and facial features should soon return to normal. And I strongly suspect that a) you'll be doing a Sharpie check frequently from this point on, and b) you'll be a little more careful about opening your email in front of your coworkers. I can only imagine what COULD have been in those pictures... lol!
Actually, it's so neat to see how God put the two of you together to make such a perfect whole.. I love it!

He & Me + 3 said...

You were still able to crank out a good defense...even with all your injuries. I am guessing you threw away the rest of the sharpies and ran out to get some washable markers. LOL
Hope the coworkers didn't print out the evidence:)
Never a dull moment with you 3...I love it!

Pam said...

OMGosh, how did I miss this one?! Y'all are quicker at posting than I am reading lately.

My favorite parts were imagining Itty Bit with a mustache and your bosses howling at the sight of everything marked up with the Sharpie!

SO sorry for the bodily harm and your lingering ills. But it was all in love! Despite the pain, of course.

Pam said...

This hit me later making me laugh hysterically but I did not have time to come back before we headed out to church~~

Regarding Mr. Daddy's slight dissappointment in the fact that Itty Bit could have tattoos yet not sprout a mustache...

I get the mustache part. You know, "Like Father, like son." So that led me to the tattoos. My question is...Just what type of ink are you sporting out there, Missy? That would fall into the strange "Like Mother, like son" category, right? He's just drawing on himself what he sees on you? Of course, if you do have tattoos, that's fine with me. I don't care. I have none myself and don't envision that ever happening. But to each, his/her own.

You now understand the delayed humor I found in that line of commenting from your beloved.