Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It’s Not Me Monday again! Hosted by MckMama for some free therapy!

This week, please remember to keep praying for baby Stellan - for complete healing of his little heart. Please see their website for the most recent information via Twitter... I know God hears every prayer for this little boy.

On a lighter note...

I did not have to update this post after catching my son's misfortune in the bathtub tonight. He apparently was entirely too fascinated with his ability to pee in the water. So absorbed that he did not realize he was directly in the line of fire. Don't ask... the kid does not have the uncanny knack of peeing in any direction, including straight up.

Like straight up into his eye.

I did not collapse into a fit of hysterical giggles, try to tell Mr. Daddy what had happened, and completely give up because I was laughing too hard for words.

It was not a million times funnier because of Itty Bit's surprised reaction and his confusion as he rubbed his eye.

(Good Lord, he peed in the bathtub AGAIN? Of course not... and I wouldn't have blogged about Mr. Daddy texting me about it the other time either *sigh*).


It was not me who caught my son bonking a friend’s poor dog on the head with a wooden block yesterday. The saintly dog did not then sweetly lick the block. My germophobe son did not then turn the block around and lick exactly the same spot.
That would have been just plain GROSS.


My son has not taken to randomly saying “No, I’m too big, honey”… I have no clue where he got that.


After posting the first True Story Tuesday, I was not stricken with a sudden Junior High-ish panic of “what if no one likes me?!” I was not thoroughly relieved to see friends linking up and leaving hilarious comments. Even if it didn’t take me publishing some royally embarrassing material from my teen years ; )


Apparently there was not a colony of ants living in the last load of firewood brought into the house. Itty Bit has not been running around with his Handy Manny hammer smashing the ants into the floor and yelling “broke the bug, broke the bug!”


I certainly did not let Itty Bit simply stay up while my parents were over helping on a friend’s birthday slideshow. My folks did not leave a midnight. Itty Bit was not sound asleep at 12:04.


I did not walk like a cowgirl for most of the week. This was not because Cassie was throwing a hissy fit while I was riding Kona. She did not exhibit her gaming skills by cutting in front of us and launching into a bucking fit.

Of course, my lovely calm arab would not have then BOLTED, reared, crowhopped, and reared again until Cassie quit kicking at her head.

Naturally, I would have been riding with Kona all tacked out, instead of sitting on her bareback with only a hackamore over her head. I did not squeeze my poor horse with all of my might to stay on her back. This did not lead to several days of walking gingerly and joints creaking loudly. I am not old. I am not old.


So… go check out what everyone else didn’t do this week!


Hey y’all – come back tomorrow for this week’s
True Story Tuesdays – where we share stories that actually happened… ya know, in real life. Super easy to find an old favorite post and link up. Join in – we’d love to hear the unedited version of a Not Me episode!


Carebear said...

Holy cow - are you psychic or something?! The little Beast actually decorated the entire computer desk with black sharpie today, and I'm posting it this weekend for six-word Saturday! Too funny that you made that comment. Weird. Okay, LOL on pee in the eye, and "broke the bug"! Love them both. And I'm so happy you shared your awesome True Story Tuesday with us. I'm busy deciding on a post to link up with this time!

Brooke said...

Happy Not Me! Monday. As usual, I always get a little snicker out of reading what you have not been up to :)

Sarah said...

I'm coming to visit you once I can ride again.
Oh and I have Pilates today. Do you want to go in my place?

Stacy said...

Well, that will teach for you buying an ARAB LOL! *snicker* We were loyal quarter horse owners, and they were solid as the day is long. :)

Oh, boys! I don't remember Kailan peeing in the tub like that, but's happened here, too. Nothing like wasting a whole bunch of water!

Oh, and my post from today will be my submission for Tuesday. You are getting me to write down what the kids say now...I have been neglectful of that lately!

Pam D said...

Oh dear.. my bug hunter has done many memorable things in his life, but I can honestly say that he has NOT, to my knowledge, peed in his eye. yet. There's still plenty of time...
and oh.. Arab.. ooooh. I've had 2 Arabs and a Thoroghbred; the Arabs were the BEST! A friend has an Arab/Paso Fino mix that is absolutely my dream horse... bright, playful, and perfectly smooth gait. Wish I had a horsie.. oh well. I can live vicariously through you! See you tomorrow... said...

Ha! LOL! My boy did not do that trick before and there is no family lore that the 4 brothers did either. Funny!

hope you are walking like a city girl soon ;)

Pam said...

You are NOT old! You're young! Anyone younger than me is YOUNG! And I even had one of my kids trying to make me years older this week. Darn kids.

Peeing in his eye and breaking the bugs was hilarious. Maybe next time he pees straight up he won't hit himself in the eye! We can only hope, right?

I've auto-published my last couple of posts and I'm just now getting back "online" to get caught up. (Tired, so tired!) Will try to get my TST up tonight. If not, then tomorrow. It's a visual account, for sure!

Killlashandra said...

I would recommend in the future that you not ride one horse while the other one is loose. Did you actually come off of Kona? I couldn't quite tell although the aching joints says this could be the case.