Sunday, March 08, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It’s Not Me Monday again!

Come join MckMama for some free therapy!


Can I just say AMEN that last week is over?

It was a totally stressful one… and I am actually relieved that for once, I can only think of one Not Me! It’s definitely worth its own post, so I’m not feeling too badly about its lonely status.


Ay-yi-yi! Itty Bit did not say “pee-pee potty!”

Like, how cool would that be that he’s finally figured out to tell us before he goes?

We did not all run off to the bathroom; Mr. Daddy lifting him up while I grabbed the stool.

While Mr. Daddy was holding him up to the potty, Itty Bit did not promptly NOT pee-pee, but the other thing!

Mr. Daddy did not stare in shock at the rather solid “pee-pee” on his sock while I scrambled to clean up the larger “pee-pee” mess on the step stool.

That would be just too gross.

The poor kid did not look totally confused at why he was being held over the toilet.

And I certainly would not have blogged about it. Does that make me a mean mom?

So… go check out what everyone else didn’t do this week!


Umm… anybody else notice that we’re like 2 posts away from 300 (geez, I talk a lot) and the counter hit 10,000 smackaroos??? How did that happen???
I started this as a keep-in-touch-with-family-and-friends blog. Then found other blogs that I loved and then woke up one day with a follower. Then 27. And yes, I still do the happy dance for every single one of them. And let me tell ya… it ain’t no classical ballet :)

Thank you so much to all our bloggy friends. Stay tuned for a special giveaway to celebrate our 300th post!


Elyse said...

Itty Bitty makes me laugh so hard. The joys of potty training...good luck!

Unknown said...

Oh ~ thanks for the laugh as I head off to bed...that one has to be retold over and over...he will appreciate that when he's older! How sweet, did you capture the look on his face on camera?

Pam said...

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall while all that was going down! I wish I could have seen the look on Mr. Daddy's face as he stared at the poop on his sock. Priceless, I'm sure.

Brooke said...

Happy Not Me! Monday. Don't you just love all the potty humor :)

Oh, and almost 300 posts and 10000+ followers since November 2008? You seriously rock, girl!!

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

We are smack in the middle of potty issues too. Had to laugh...

Praying it will be a better week. 300 way to go...

He & Me + 3 said...

BAA HAA...poor Mr. Daddy. I am sorry for laughing. I am still 12 and potty things still make me laugh. I have missed getting sprayed by pee while Stunt Man is trying to do #2. Hold it down please.
Congrats on 300 posts. Wow!

Lisa said...

Hilarious! Maybe next time just sit him down, you know, just in case! LOL We just bought a potty, since Dylan has began pointing to his diaper as he pees, so we are ready too start before to long hopefully!

Kameron said...

I seriously hate potty training. My hubby is impatient because he wants him trained by 2. After his first "other pee" in the potty I got grossed out and lost a little bit of interest.

I too had quite the week, with traveling and a crazy 2 days of work after I got back. I didn't get your shirts finished but I am hoping to get them done tonight or at the latest tomorrow!

Stacy said...

LOL...I had to laugh when Mr. Daddy told me that last week! Oh, kids...they have a way of livening up your world, now don't they??

Sorry to hear that last week was pretty stressful...that's no fun. Here's to a better week ahead. :)

Kelli W said...

That is too funny!! Potty training was no fun for us, so I am glad you are having good luck with it!!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I love it. I have had solid pee pee on my sock once or twice as well! Hope this week goes better for you!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I love it. I have had solid pee pee on my sock once or twice as well! Hope this week goes better for you!

Carebear said...

LOLOL! Glad things like this don't only happen at my house! This post cracked me up!

Killlashandra said...

Well, Mr Daddy hinted that this post was coming. ;) It's still funny and completely understandable too.

Shannon said...

Funny!! Isn't potty training fun. :)