Thursday, March 19, 2009

Will you join me?

So I've been mentally chewing on this for awhile...

It's not like I don't have enough to do with running after a busy 2-year old and juggling my mostly SAHM duties and my "official" job, but this idea keeps sounding more and more fun.

I know this blog tends to be a little random. "Little" might be an understatement.
But it sure feels like it represents our lives - a compilation of miracles, funny moments, hard days, and times when I go back and read all kinds of inspirational comments that I really need right then. And it's that diverse in the span of one day usually.

It feels more like a wide net of friends who help us find the humor in the mundane, offer advice on Sharpie pen adventures, emphathize with the growing pains of parenting, and lead me to their own blogs that are full of the same.

So, to bring some semblance of order to the apparent randomness... how's about a category for randomness?

Something like "True Story Tuesday"? An incentive to get the creative juices flowing and tell a superbly embellished, but mostly-true recounting of something amazing, unbelievable, or downright hilarious? It doesn't have to be long, just a fun way to remember and share those moments.

I mean, I'm even willing to put my toe in the waters of learning how to do a Mr. Linky! (Yes, I have a phobia of all things HTML-ish).

See, I keep remembering outrageous things that have happened, but those stories are kinda orphaned on this blog cuz they don't have a "place".

So whaddya say? Are you willing to join up and link back with some fantastic real-life stories? Give me a little encouragement here, some of these stories are gonna come back to bite me, I'm sure (Mr. Daddy, you be nice!)

And just for a laugh - since we've had some recent experience with permanent markers... at least it wasn't this bad!

Can you say "REVENGE"??? This, my friends, would definitely qualify for a True Story Tuesday!


Kameron said...

It is amazing, right after you post that story doesn't my hubby leave a sharpie in the family room! I got to the boy just as he was getting the cap off! Also, I get home from work today and Natey is in his high chair "coloring" which is toddlerese for eating crayons! I will join in your crazy story telling, even though I am not as great a writer as you!!

Pam D said...

I'll join you! Can it be something from the past? We have weeks around here where the stuff isn't so funny at the time, but as it ages, it "ripens" and isn't so bitter. If that makes sense. Anyway, if you can get Mr. Linky to visit, I'll play.... (I accidentally typed "if you can get Mr. Linky to visit, I'll PRAY.. so I'll do that, too!)

Pam said...

You know I'm game, though mine probably will pale in comparison to everyone else. But who cares. It's all in the name of fun, strike that, SANITY!

Great idea, Mrs. "I Obviously Think I Have All The Time In The World To Add Something More To Be Responsible For!" Wink, wink. ;-)

You know I love ya!

He & Me + 3 said...

Sounds read, not sure how well I would do with it. I might could giv it a try.

Shanda said...

I host "Titus 2 Tuesdays" so I probably won't be able to join in (at least not very often if I do.) Sounds like a great & fun idea though.

Mr. Linky is easier than it seems. The scariest part is adding the HTML to your header (not that it is difficult; I was just worried about messing up my whole blog LOL!) but it worked the first time with no issues.

Blessings to your sweet family!

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

First I have to say, that picture is crazy, with a capitol C. Looks like the poor baby could have been hurt in the process.

Second, I am in. It will give me a nice reason to tell some tales. I'm with Pam though, can it be past? All the one's I did not have time to post...

Paige said...

I'm game. Even though I started with a theme thinking it would give my blog focus, I'm straying from it with I Heart Faces and I'm working on a few items for Not Me Monday. And lately, I've found myself reading more blogs than writing!

My kids are always covered in pen marks or rub on tatoos. I figure it will all fade by the time they start elementary school. : )

Stacy said...

That sounds like a fun idea! Since I already do crafty tuesdays it may wait to post on Wednesday. That's if I can get my act together. I haven't been a very good documenter of my children's lives lately. I need to get on that more!

Unknown said...

I'm probably in...I gotta ask was that really permanent marker on that little one?

Carebear said...

I love the idea of true story tuesday! I'll be thinking of some ideas to link up! Also love this picture. I better not let the little Beast see it or he might get some ideas. I thought the stamps I posted about on Wednesday were bad!!

Killlashandra said...

Holy smokes that picture is something. Although I have seen mine color his palms and forearms red with a marker too so nothing is truly surprising anymore on the coloring front.

Sounds like a nice idea. I can't say I will always get to it but we'll see.