Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We're coming up quickly on a special day for a certain someone who now declares that every Lightning McQueen toy on the shelf is "for mine birthday!"

Here's two years ago... first hairut. We had to do something with that combover!

Did every parent remember when their kid first discovered Biter Biscuits? UGH!
Maybe it's just because Itty Bit had taken a feels-so-good-to-hold-a-sleeping-baby nap in my arms, but this picture of him after he just woke up quickly became a favorite. I love that Mr. Daddy captured a bit of a Baby Gerber expression from our little sleepyhead.

The little toddler is so much fun, but these pictures don't do much for preventing baby fever!

(and speaking of birthdays... Geez Louise, I was blissfully unaware there was some sort of Supermom status that included photo invitations, a full array of artful appetizers, a fabulously decorated theme cake, dressing the kid in custom birthday gear, and providing the ultimate in goody bags. Am I a bad mom for simply taking a few kids to the local Bounce House, letting them jump to their sheetcake-fueled hearts' content, and ditching the million little details? :)


Lisa said...

LOVE the flashback! No, you are NOT a terrible parent for doin the local bounce house bday party! Wish we had one around here, cause there just isn't much to do at the end of feb. in our neck of the woods! And speaking of "terrible parents" we only gave Dylan a teething cookie ONCE! We decided it was too messy for us, I mean him! LOL

Shanda said...

Oh, the biter biscuits! So awesome for keeping your child happy and content for you to get something done only to discover that cement had now formed on everything that they managed to touch throughout...they are the WORST to clean up!!!

We have done both the "supermom" parties and the simple ones; truth is, the kids really don't care as long as they get to have a couple of their favorite little people there to celebrate life, have a some sweets and and a couple of gifts! I'm honestly relieved that the current economic state has caused people to stop and evaluate this whole birthday party ordeal!!

Kameron said...

Such sweet pictures of itty!! I hear you about baby fever though. I just looked through the archives of Natey baby pictures and I just melted.

Ha, are you talking about Heather and Aidan's birthday? I love it, she always sends out photo invites and Christmas cards and the like. Even before they had a baby they would send out a photo update of the last year in each Christmas card. She is too cute! (She's gonna kill me for saying that! Sorry Heather!)

Mr. Daddy said...

O.K. DEAR!!!
You need to tell them the RRRRrrreeeessssst of the story..

About your cousin having a baby the other day, and how you went to the hospital and got a full injection of baby meds... (what was I thinking to roll over on that trip???) there were just to many baby pheromones floating around in that hospital room...
Although Itty Bit and I had a great guys night, laying around watching Redneck hunting shows, scratching our bellies, drinkin beer,(root beer honey) putting our feet up on the furniture...

Alicia W. said...

Look at those eyes! I tell you what, you two made a beautiful child that's for sure. Why not start trying for another one. Nothings wrong with a little bit of baby fever. I don't think mine ever left.

Stacy said...

Love the flashback photos! He was as adorable as a little baby as he is as a toddler.

Anya's birthday is coming up fast, too. I think your plans for the bounce house sounds pretty good! The kids really don't care about the special invites, outfits or goodie bags. They just want to play with their friends.

We have yet to finalize the plans for Anya's party, but I'm pretty set on just having it at our house. I think we'll have it in the backyard with some games, bubbles, face painting, cake (of course!) and call it good. Then pray for sunshine and warmth. ;)

Brooke said...

I say ditch the details and just have fun! It worked for us when we were kids.

And T love everything "Cars" related. My sister had her at Target and for the life of her couldn't figure out what T wanted when she kept saying "Mater, mater". Then once she saw the toy she was pointing to, she figured it must be the characters name (my sis never saw the movie). said...

What fun it is to see pix of your little miracle when he was so tiny!!!!!-

Paige said...

Cute pics. It's always fun to look back and see how much they've grown.

As for the party, I always start out with big elaborate plans in my head, but end up with just us at home. I want to know where the bouncy house is!

Emily said...

adorable! And no, you are not a bad mom...all that's important is that the kids had fun and were loved and it sounds like they did!

Unknown said...

Oh my word he is too cute! :-) I cant believe how fast it's going and mine is only 7 months so I cant imagine how you feel!

Pam said...

I would like to duly note that another certain SOMEONE, who shall remain nameless, deliberately neglected to include herself when speaking of said upcoming special dates. Hhhmmm... Wonder who that could be?

Now that I've sufficiently thrown you under the bus (Rachel ;-) ) we'll just move on to Itty Bit.

I remember how much I hated those biter biscuits. I think we finished the only box I ever purchased. And only because I'm too thrifty to throw out perfectly good food; even if it does nearly make me hurl! YUK!

And y'all had to cut his hair before he was 1? Wow, it really must be squirrely if you did that!

Mr. Daddy is cracking me up with the rrreeesssttttt of the story! You two are simply unbearably funny when story telling together!

And for the record, I think you're pretty brave to take a bunch of young kids to the bouncey house and fill them full of sugar and think "no harm, no foul". Itty Bit's one of those little kids, ya know. And he's going home with YOU!

Talk to you later,

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Those biscuits are really yummy and OH SO MESSY!!!! So cute!

Carebear said...

Adorable. LOL at that biter biscuit photo. It looks like something exploded all over the front of him. And that last shot is absolutely precious. BTW you're a great mommy! I just took the little Beast and his cousins/close friends/family across the street to the park with sub sandwiches and cake for a couple hours. The kids had a great time and could care less that the place was FREE! You KNOW itty bit is going to have a great time and that's what matters!

Sarah said...

I'll have to start referring to my birthday as "mine birthday."

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

First off, the kids will have a blast at the bounce house. Second, he has got to be one of the cutest things I have seen all day. Oh gosh, he is a little doll...I thought of you today, Rooney had his cars boots on and I got a few shots.

Hope you are doing well. You were heavy on my heart today...

Unknown said...

Loved this post Rachel...he was adorable as a baby and is now a QT pie! Time just fly's don't it though...and I love the rest of the 2 make me laugh! We'd have alot of fun sitting around a campfire I'm sure! Have a great week-end!

Keri said...

I'm totally with you on all the birthday gear. I'm so not with it. Not that I wouldn't like to be, I'm just not that creative.

Love all these photos of Itty Bit. He's so precious and those eyes of his are stunning!

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