Sunday, April 19, 2009

How to eat a donut

This demonstration brought to you courtesy of Itty Bit:

First, lick some powdered sugar off

Then revel in your first pure sugar high

And shoot your aunt an adorable faceful of sweetness

Uh, scratch that. She looks like she wants some.
Step away from the donut.

Quick, eat it all before Mommy changes her mind! All hands to chow stations!

Thoughtfully plan your next attack for maximum consumption

Consider utilizing preferred weapons for extracting lemon filling

Whatever it takes to secure the target and transport to final destination

You there.
What'd I say about stepping away from the donut?

Not sure about that yellow stuff...
I'll try the other side.

What is that yellow stuff?
What'd you put in this?

Heck, I'm Popeye.
It'll be my spinach.

You're gonna pay for this sugar high Mommy ;)

One guess if the kiddo got his afternoon nap?


Paige said...

Here's one vote for "no nap" : )

Cute Pics! I love the "step away from the donut" look.

Pam D said...

Another "no nap" vote here. However, he may have given you weeks of "True Story Tuesday" fodder. Am I right? Poor Itty Bit.. perhaps, next time, you can get him one of those Krispy Kreme donuts that has chocolate icing and the fluffy white creme filling.. not that I know ANYTHING about those. At. all. (excuse me while I go try to shrink my nose back down to normal size...)

Sarah said...

I guess no, however I'm guessing he needs one after the sugar crash, but still didn't take one.

Mom Of Many said...


And one day when you are visiting us I will teach Ity Bit how to eat a white creme filled, chocolate iced donut....

Lick chocolate off top, crack open donut, suck white creme out and throw dough away. That way you can eat about 6 donuts instead of the calories of just one complete one. My only way to eat a donut. Yummm...tell Ity Bit to come starts in 2 weeks...

Heather said...

You're hilarious!!! Love the captions. This reminds me I haven't done some good captioning in awhile!

Um, I'd have to agree with Itty Bit's face on the yellow stuff... I HATE when I bite into an unsuspecting PLAIN donut, only to discover it's not plain at all. Hope he (and you!) survived.

And I think he probably crashed.

Melissa said...

I love it! Great captions ~ and I love his little Popeye shirt!

He & Me + 3 said...

That was so cute! His lemon filling face is priceless! I love that shirt. Stunt Man would love it too...where on Earth did you find that? I want one! Great pictures as usual!

Shanda said...

Too cute! You did an awesome job with the captions! Hope this means he is feeling MUCH better!! said...

I'm loving this series of pictures!!!

Now, I really have a donut craving and it's almost 11pm!

No fair!!!

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Oh, I am so glad you posted these, I was hoping I would see this. He is just too precious. I love the little faces he makes. His eyes just light up when he smiles.

Jaime said...

He makes that donut look delicious! Unfortunately, I don't like the lemon filling, either. I prefer the bavarian cream--mmmm! What an expressive little guy you have! :-)

Kameron said...

I'll take care of the lemon filling for him! Isn't it funny how already crazy toddlers can get on sugar?? No one believes me and they try to give Natey sugar behind my back (my hubby's whole family thinks I'm the sugar Nazi) and then he goes nuts and ends up breaking a glass at Easter. Hmmm, maybe they'll listen to me next time....on second thought, I doubt it!

Stacy said...

I'm gonna guess, NO! LOL!

Love the play by play of him eating his year's worth of sugar...very cute! That sugar filled smile just melts the heart. :)

We don't give our kids much sugar, but when they get out! I'm *this close* to throwing out all of the Easter candy!

Through My Own Lens said...

Love this sequence!!! Reminds me SO much of something my son would do! Do you know, the VERY first time we gave him an OREO, which we've never eaten in front of him or anything, he twisted it apart, scraped off some of the filling with his teeth, ate that side first, then the other! It was so funny! These kids are born with some kind of sweetness instinct!!!

Oh, and I'm going to try to turn on th word verification! LOL! I swear the other day I had EIEIO or something! Too funny!

Keri said...

Man oh man, can he possibly get any cute? His eyes are so stunning. Love the photos.

Pam said...

This post is soooo incredibly cute with the entire play by play. Love it!

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