Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thank you, thank you very much!

Y'all know I get a little behind on stuff sometimes, right? I really don't mean to and please don't be offended that it took me so long to get to these (remember those last two Not Me Mondays? *sigh*)

We've been honored with a few sweet awards recently - THANK YOU friends!

Shanda from A Teachable Heart is a new bloggy friend who often manages to make me laugh and think, usually all in the same post. Beyond the terrific sense of humor is a woman who is a natural teacher. One who is gifted in sharing how the timeless word of God applies to our own lives because God still loves us personally.

I always leave her site feeling refreshed (and sometimes tuckered out from all the laughter). I am so glad we found eachother!

She was sweet enough to give us two awards here, and I think she had a great idea to combine the rules.

We also received a I'm a Fan Award from Tim at Fort Thompson. I love the story of how he and his wife met. And look at their lives now... medical miracles and two beautiful children later! Congrats on their cute new puppy!

So... we list seven random facts, and pass the awards on to seven other deserving bloggers.
I'm not sure how much random stuff y'all can take about us... like the award says, we might be a bit too honest around here sometimes, LOL.

1) WIGGLING: Mr. Daddy can wiggle his ears, I can wiggle my nose, and Itty Bit wiggles his little tush very charmingly to the Veggie Tales themesong.

2) CONFESSION: I was only slightly skeered when we walked 60 seconds past our backyard and saw a herd of elk. I ain't getting any closer to them... I prefer my four-legged beasts without horns thankyouverymuch.

3) SOME LIKE IT HOT: I love salsa. Mr. Daddy makes the best fresh salsa on the planet. We caught Itty Bit eating some with a SPOON last week. wow

4) FORD: Seriously, should we haul our horsie with anything less? ;)

5) HEAVY DUTY: Our toddler knows more about heavy equipment than I do. At 18-months old he'd yell from the backseat: excavator! backhoe! bulldozer! dumptruck!

6) SLEEPY TIME: I'm a night owl, Mr. Daddy's an early riser, and somehow Itty Bit is both. Possibly that afternoon nap (for both of them) has something to do with it?

7) SILLINESS: This is not truly random... but I do love this man's sense of humor.

Alrighty... and to pass these along to some very deserving bloggy buddies:

AmyB from Our Daily Blessing...Life has shared some amazing things about her love for her family and I love that she finds things to laugh about, no matter how difficult the day may be. Go read... you'll be inspired to find gratefulness in those moments too.

I stumbled upon without realizing she was a real-life-friend to one of my bloggy ones. Which in turn led me to her husband's blog, Switch2PlanB. While we might have amazing and crazy stuff happen to us... they have amazing and crazy HEROIC stuff happen to them. She's a labor and delivery nurse, he's a fireman. Both with incredible stories and a gift for telling them.

And's real-life friend? Well that would be no other than sweet Elaine from Matters of the Heart (yes, the same one who had that supercool LoveFest!) I can call her sweet Elaine, because over and over again, the emails and comments left about her always mentioned how genuinely sweet she is. She didn't realize, but her giveaway gifts turned into a timely care package for me. Stop by and take a gander at the incredible wedding photos she just posted. Wow. just WOW.

Y'all might remember a little kiddo I was "stalking". You know... that adorable Aidan from Adventures of Aidanpod? The one I bumped into in-real-life and barely managed to not freak out his very nice but confused mom...? Yeah, that one. Said mom is a terrific photog and it is so much fun watching this kiddo grow up and remembering all those milestones as she chronicles them with loving humor. (and would you believe I landed an invitation to his first birthday? SCORE!)

Lisa from Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy has three cute little munchkins who give her plenty of writing material for her blog. She is a riot... sharing the same kind of goofy parenting stuff that happens to me, but is ten times funnier when she tells it. And you gotta love a girl who wrangles all kinds of giveaways :)

Oooh, last but not least. This one meets the Honest Scrap definition with her last confession post. (Yeah, she's gonna hate me for linking it, but the chick linked to my muddy face picture in her earlier post!!!). The lovely Dana from Chaos to Grace - who has this award already I think - definitely took the cake with her Hi-Larious True Story last week, and her "Housewives" post today! Trust me, if you read nothing else today... go check out her True Story. I don't care who you are, that's funny right there.

You know if I could give these to every one of my followers and blogs on my reading list, I would... (go ahead, steal it - we're kinda bad at rules around here).

Again, many thanks to Shanda and Tim for passing these along. Hope y'all find some new favorite bloggers here!


Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Awwww, you are just too sweet...Thank you.

That herd of elk would have scared the holy heck out of me. My goodness. Mr Daddy, loved the flower shot. And of course a boy and his construction equipment, we are all over that out here...

Have a good night, I am off to bed. But I did go check out that hilarious True Story, very funny.

He & Me + 3 said...

Congrats...I am a fan of your blog too.
I love Salsa. Just made some fresh yesterday. YUM!
Cute pictures. you are so creative even with your blog award posts.

Shanda said...

You all do an amazing job with your blog - glad you got even more awards! (BTW, HOW do you do the rotating awards? I've seen this on several people's blogs.)

Love the photos - the sleeping one is so cute! You can tell that they are father and son!! said...

First of all congratulations to you!

Thanks for the kind words my bloggy friend and for the awards ")

Your blog is a bright spot in my day!

Sarah said...

Congrats on your awards!
I love the picture on the 3rd one!

Pam D said...

Congrats on the awards, Rachel! I'm so glad to see an update; you've been sort of "quiet" lately, and I was getting worried that you guys were all still sick. Hope your weekend is filled with fun "stuff".. stay away from the elk! (it's so cool that you get to see that; we just have deer, raccoons and possums around here. Oh, and coyotes; not my favorite).

Lisa said...

LOVE Itty Bit in the scoopy thing! (I was just telling my mom we have to be learning all that "stuff" very soon! LOL) Agree with everyone else, Don't care for closeness with the elk. One of our state parks has recently started bringing ALL KINDS of elk to the area. Gee, thanks. I even have an elk story, I will tell it on TST! And LOVE Mr. Daddy with the 'purdy flower!'

Pam said...

Way to go my friend! Not surprising, of course. You ROCK!

Was this your idea of a dual purpose post? Like maybe part of it was nudging me because I have still never posted the Sisterhood Award you so sweetly handed me? Promise I haven't forgotten. Mark's out of town so maybe I'll get some real blogging time in this weekend.

Have a great weekend,

Femin Susan said...

Congrats on your awards!

melody is slurping life said...

Congratulations. Hey, we can never know too many random things about you guys.

Hey, Itty Bitty looks like Mr. Daddy. I just noticed that in the sleeping photo. Or am I the only one who sees it that way?

brian said...

Looks like I arrived a little late for the awards ceremony...Sorry. Got stuck in traffic.

I'd like to thank the members of the Academy, my agent, my stylist, my wonderful, and most of all, God. And with that, I'll now hand the podium back over to Sean Penn and Jon Stewart who would like to make a variety of political statements...

Seriously, though, congratulations to YOU Ms. Rachel, and Mr. Daddy, and Itty Bit too! And thanks for mentioning my little ol' blog here...I appreciate it.

Did Mr. Daddy ever get my email?