Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thawing out

You know it's springtime in the Northwest when you can take your camera outside and the lens doesn't automatically fog up.

So... that's exactly what I did. We hauled out the zoom lens to use for the first time (pardon the blur, no tripod along).
I'm loving that our lilacs are getting ready to bloom!
And the clematis along the porch is already hard at work.

This riotous display greets me every time I leave the house.

And on the way to the end of the road, I nearly stepped on something:

Oh mama, that wasn't real smart, huh?
(that gravel is our DRIVEWAY)

And this might have belonged on the last random post, but I have a thing about angry birds. Chalk it up to a bad childhood experience where a cousin took me into a barn, handed me a baby chick, then ran off. I was chased around the maze of chicken coops by a very ticked-off mama hen who pecked and clawed my skinny white legs to shreds. Do not mess with mama birds.

Except that I broke my own rule trying to get a closer shot.

I should have backed off when Mama Bird looked at me. That already chilled me to my veins.

Surely should have retreated when she fluffed her feathers at me.

And by golly I should have been out of there by the time she started flapping her wings!

You know, killdeer are supposed to run off and do that whole "follow me, I have a broken wing" spiel, right? Nice and calmly leading you away from their nest?

Oh no... that little beast looked at me then CHARGED me! (seriously, doesn't she look slightly ticked off?)

Those little buggers are quick! I started backing up, pulling back the zoom, but she was too quick!
By the time she was this close:

I was full out screaming as I stumbled backwards half-crawling... terrifying Itty Bit and completely amusing my non-empathetic husband.

When my heart had quit pounding, I thought things would go much smoother with my next intended subject... cuz goshdarnit if they aren't one of my favorite things about spring.

See, we live across from a sheep farm. Where, you know, all sheep live happily until the natural end of their lives (hey, it's my delusion). Nice sweet little springtime scene?

Then that one little guy recruited his buddies for some King of the Hill:

They were racing around, generally annoying the big sheep who just wanted to graze. So I was thinking they were a little "punk lamb gang"... until I saw this impressive bit of Baryshnikov at the Pasture Theatre... WOW!

And of course you know it's springtime when the kiddos get all this crazy energy and spend the afternoon running in circles.
(and I'm ignoring the fact that he's wearing his Popeye shirt and has powdered sugar on his chin... cuz that would mean he'd had a donut...)

Hope y'all are having a marvelous spring!


Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Man, I am still waiting for spring around here! We have had 80 degree days but no rain so we have NO flowers yet..nothing pretty to look at...hopefully soon...that bird looks a little coo coo!!!

Elyse said...

Those in-bloom flowers are BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait for them to be completed. Also...I would have never noticed the powdered sugar on Itty Bitty's face :)

Paige said...

I've got the windows and door open today, even though it's not quite "that" warm, I'm acting like it is. The kids are outside playing in the dirt and SUNSHINE! Enjoy the day!

Maddy said...

Birds.....the nest in the most inconvenient spots! Love the gamboling sheep [and children!]
Cheers said...

spring spring, glorious spring

and scary birds~yikes!

great pix

BenLand said...

you're too funny!!!
stop messing with those crazy mama birds!!! hahaha
fun pictures :)

Femin Susan said...

Those flowers are did you manage to capture that bird' picture didn't it fly away?This is just glorious spring.

He & Me + 3 said...

Beautiful pictures Rachel. I love the bird...she was not a happy camper with you. LOL
Again, I want that popeye shirt for Stunt Man.:) So cute.

Brooke said...

Fresh new beginnings.....I love spring!

Pam said...

You silly, silly girl!

Yes, you should've KNOWN from past experience not to encroach upon that ridiculously, negligent nest placement or you would be in for some serious trouble.

Don't feel bad. We all do UNWISE things of that nature while trying to get an eyeful of something so cool. I could tell you of my ill-fated attempts but I believe I may save them for a True Story Tuesday post. Whatdoyathink?

Hope y'all have had a great weekend. It's been craziness here since Mark went out of town Thursday morning and won't be back til tomorrow afternoon. Can I tell you~~I'm tired. I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading while simultaniously belting out some Third Day praise and worship and laughing at the dog who's "running" in her sleep on the floor next to me. HA!

"Talk" to you soon,

Alicia W. said...

Spring has sprung! Love it. You have some great shots and makes me want to go plant something. Have a great day Rachel.

Jaime said...

Beautiful plants!! I love them!