Saturday, May 02, 2009

A Birthday at the Funny Farm

Update: By the way... totally crazy, but I ran into another bloggy friend today. I mean, In-Real-Life! Paige and Sydney were even prettier and sweeter in person and it was so crazy to have my second run-in with an internet pal. Ironically, it was a few blocks away from where I first met Heather, Chad, and Aidan! I was trying to squeeze in a post, but checked her blog - and she wrote it so perfectly... she is truly funny and it was a blast meeting her! Can't wait to get together... like planned and all! I was acting totally little-kid excited and I'm kinda embarrassed, LOL. I had to laugh when she said she'd have to tell Heather I was now stalking her! So go check out her post - too hilarious!


So my little sis just celebrated another birthday.

We joined mom for a delicious lunch sans kids (which is really weird when you're not used to it... I kept catching myself trying to put things out of my invisible 2-year old's reach).

As you can see, my sister was not interested in sharing her yummy thai food.

Check out her hand covering a shrimp roll.
We then went shopping and she picked out a cute little number. Then off to get pretty nails. And back to the farm for a family birthday party.

Let's meet one of the guests:
Seriously... have you ever seen such a funny little getup? Apparently little Noelle likes to stick her head through the fence and get it stuck. So this modern-day contraption keeps her head safely unstuck. (Yes, I giggle hysterically every time I see her).

So we get there and I start snapping pics of the birthday girl modeling her outfit.

See, she's pretty... and somewhat normal:
Then she starts getting a little carried away:
(her tribute to the years I dragged her to my ballet performances)

My camera should come with a warning:
"Caution, any images may show up on my blog"

So we try again - this time with headshots.

Yeah, much better.

I drag her over to a tree with blossoms that match her new shirt. Ah-ha! A real photographer would do that, right? I snag a good shot before she morphs on me again.
I tell her this one is WAAAY to serious. Lighten up, don't look so mad.

So of course that means she gives me this:
Then one last display of her many lovely expressions.
(can I tell you that I love this girl and her sense of humor has saved her butt many a time when I was ready to whup it?)
We head off to (what else), feed pizza to the goats and sheep. I told you it was the Funny Farm.
Ju gets the brilliant idea to play a party game with little Nick.
Only, Nick decides I still smell like pizza and the camera looks yummy:
Just in case you're keeping track... this is the second time in recent history that an animal has come running right at me. Explains the blurry shot, eh?
Except, I suddenly get a dose of idiot bravado and tuck my head forward. Expecting the cute little taps Nick was giving the birthday girl.
No such luck.
Little Nick hits me full on - hitting my head with enough force to create a loud crack.
Enough for Ju and my mom to look at me with wide eyes - shocked by how loud the impact was.
As I wobble back up, I am greeted by the rest of the audience... who immediately burst into merry laughter at my misfortune.

(Uhh, thanks guys. She-She will be just fine - nice of you to ask. Sweet that you're so concerned and all. Really, I'm fine).
We rounded out the celebrations with tiramisu and bostom cream pie.
Ju, hope your birthday was as delicious as your cake.

(Apologies for so many picture posts lately... it's been hard to get to blogging, so it gets squeezed in when I use my "but I'm editing the photos, honey!" excuse to sit at the computer!)


Heather said...

You are hilarious!! And your sister too! Your post cracked me up, as usual. And I can't freakin' believe you ran into Paige! I just wrote on her blog that I seriously still want you both at Aidan's party, even though I've been a dork and haven't mailed the invites. I promise - Monday morning. 12-2 at my house... address will be coming.

Love the pictures... it was absolutely necessary to post them all. Blurry goat and everything. : )

He & Me + 3 said...

What a fun time. Your sister is just as crazy as you are. Too funny! I love her hair and she is so pretty. I'll bet that cake was delicious.
I can't believe you met another bloggy friend. How fun for you!

Paige said...

Ha! Love your post. I don't see a single picture that could have been left out.

I'm glad we had the good fortune to run into each other yesterday and I can't wait to squeeze into Heather's house next weekend! : )

Oh... and I added you to my facebook. Hope that's OK. If I'm not reading blogs, that's usually where you can find me. (I have serious internet issues!)

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Oh my this was a riot to read. It looks like you had a great time. Off to read about the meeting....

Alicia W. said...

Your sister is a trip! I'm so freakin jealous that you have met Heather in real life and live so close to one another. I just love her little pod family.

Pam said...

You gals are rockin' and rollin' out there on the West coast, aren't you? How lucky you all are! I have to admit I'm envious. But in a good way. I may have to fly out there for a big meet & greet weekend.

LOVE all of the pictures from the birthday. Especially the one of the charging goat. Is your head still hurting from that "run in"?

And I love the pictures you took with the fushia flowers. Spectacular!

Only 2 more weeks of school for me and Ellis. Yippee! Maybe then I'll get all caught up.

Talk to you soon,

Pam D said...

What a fun post! You are such a lucky girl... but I know that you know that. Your sis is a total hoot; I can only imagine the trouble the two of you got into if you went out on the town together! And those goats.. oh, the goats. We pass a field with goats in it on the way to school, and when there are new babies, Bug Hunter and I go through our "Oh, aren't they cute? We want some goats!" phase. Maybe we just need to get into a good head-butting contest with one; bet that would cure our longings once and for all!
No apologies needed for your fab post; are you crazy? The pictures MADE the story, which was hilarious! You rock...!

Kameron said...

You should stay away from animals. I mean, they have it out for you or something!! Looks like a fun and crazy day.

brian said...

Uh, yeah, the goat...

I used to have to wear that exact same contraption on my head, because I was head-butting strangers...

Just kidding...

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday sis! I love all the fun shots you took! What fun to get to run into bloggy friends in real life! I jealous :)

jennie said...

Happy birthday to Jenn! My, she is the same - same humor has always! Your mom hasn't aged a day... No wonder why when you go to Children's - they think SHES the mother!!!!!

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, I was literally LOL'ing at your sis! Love the one with the matching flower and shirt, too. Nice quick thinking on the photographers part! You guys seem so fun! I wouldn't mind running into you guys IRL, but I think we live SEVERAL states apart, so I guess that is unlikely. tear. LOL

Anonymous said...

TOTALLY NOT FAIR! I wanna run into you! :P

I seriously LOVED this post! This just put me in the best mood this morning! You are a GEM!

Keri said...

Oh my, thank you for the chuckles! Those pictures are! Her charisma is out of this world. How I'd LOVE to run into you and your gorgeous family!