Friday, May 15, 2009

Birthday Mania

The first half of May pretty much turns into a blur of celebrations in our family.

You saw my sister's goofy birthday recap, and now here are Itty Bit/Mommy's fun days...

We had a few friends out to the local bounce house and basically turned the kids loose after pumping them full of pizza, cake, and pop.
Apparently Itty Bit's favorite part of the evening was drinking "orange bubbly". He couldn't get over the fact that he was indeed drinking pop. Which of course meant that his lips and chin matched his shirt for the rest of the party...
These girls wanted to remain anonymous:

Somehow I felt like I got more of a workout just chasing them around.
Umm... now you see why people think Itty Bit could be their kid? :)
Then it was Mommy's turn.
Mr. Daddy scored big by having fresh avocado and pineapple flown from Hawaii! Still tickled pink that he managed to pull that one off! The box arrived that afternoon and he sneakily wrapped it. I was absolutely clueless.
(Having a heckuva time trying to convince him to let me videotape him dancing with the pineapple on his head...)
Then Itty Bit got a little crazy with the tiramisu. I think he had flashbacks of his first birthday where everyone was trying to cajole him into smashing face-first into his cake. Except the little bugger did it into EVERYONE'S cake yesterday.
I think he enjoyed it.
In case you think we pump our kid full of sweets, please be assured that this was MOMMY'S plate and Itty Bit got to abscond with a few bites for a photo op - then the tiramisu and coconut cream pie made friends with Mommy's love handles.


And whenever there's cake, the frosting war must not be abandoned... an early casualty:

How stinkin' cute is this little girlie?
Get wild and crazy? Not us?!?

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He And Me + 3 said...

Sweet pictures. That looked like the most yummy avocado. Love how itty bitty likes his desserts. YUM

Following Him said...

I want to know how Mr. Daddy pulled the avocado and pineapple off? What a man! Adorable pictures!!!

Lisa said...

LOVE the green haired beauty at the end! Also love the icing war and the pineapple wearing Mr. Daddy! I feel the strong urge to sing..... "OHHHHHHHH....Who plays with a pineapple, for all to see.... Mis-ter Da-ddy!"

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Oh my goodness, looks like a great time. Pineapple and avocado from Hawaii???? Wow... said...

It's awesome to see how close you are to your family!

That Ity Bit doing a face plant in the tiramisu was hilarious!


jennie said...

you and your mom look more like sisters then mother/daughter! she hasnt aged a day and looks great!

happy belated mothers/birthday!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Rachel and Itty Bit!!! What a creative gift - fresh fruit from Hawaii!! Wow. Mr. Daddy DID score big!

Dang, I'm dying for some tiramisu now!!!! Darn you!!!

Stacy said...

What a great gift from Mr. Daddy! I'm guessing you loved that stuff from Hawaii and that's why he got it? Looks like you both had great parties! Happy Birthdays! :)

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