Saturday, May 16, 2009


Yeah, I know... pathetic.

But I totally admit I am resorting to




asking nicely with a cherry on the top

pretty please?

Will you play along with our giveaway?

There's been a couple hundred hits, but only one person has taken a stab at it.
Did we put too many questions? Or is everyone just insanely busy like us? :)

Here's a quick picture post.

This one is cute... I about peed my pants after my coworkers gave me this card last week. Well, I almost peed my pants the first time when they jumped out from under my desk and scared the living bejeebies out of me. It's not hard to scare a deaf person, y'all, LOL.

My sweet coworkers also also threw a surprise party for me last night which was insanely thoughtful. Here's the card - tell me it didn't make you laugh... then go try the giveaway :)

Giveaway here - there's gotta be something from Amazon calling your name :)


He & Me + 3 said...


I am so busy. Getting ready for Stunt Man's party games, cleaning right now the whole house...if I get a chance tonight I will stop back by. Please dont be upset...I had good intentions.

Lisa said...

That is absolutely hilarious!!! Do you know where they got that? I have a friend who has a bday on July 3 who SO fits the card! LOL I can't believe no one else has done the game. I thought it was very fun, and some of the answers were quite easy to find, all you had to do was go to the month you had posted and scrooooll down! They don't have to get wrapped up like I did and read, like, ALL three years worth of bloggy tails! LOL Hope some one plays along! I will plead along with you........... PLAY ALONG, PEOPLE!!!!

Mr. Daddy said...

DEAR!!! You pretty much fit the first part, sorry bout the (not so handsome husband) and you knew I was broke so thats your bad. All I could scrounge up was enough for some Avocados and a pineapple from Hawaii (sorry no diamonds) :o( and I'd gladly give you a foot massage but,you giggle and squirm to much. But I can reiterate how beautiful you are. :o) Hope you had a wonderful birthday... A.N.B.U.

Lisa said...

More PLEADING for Rachel...

You don't have to guess all the answers, just the ones you have time to find. I personally enjoyed the game! So go look up a few (or more) answers!

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

I'm right in the middle of playing right now. I need one more question and I am not sure on one. I will post my answers in the next 10 minutes.

By the way Happy Birthday... and yes Amazon is calling my name. I want a photog book......

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday heading over to the giveaway and I am insanely busy so I can't promise anything. Did you check out my giveaway it ends Sunday.

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Okay guys, here is my best stab at it.

1. Fraidy cat is the horse with the smaller white patch on it's head.

2. Baby Geckos

3. Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Yummo

4. Welding Coveralls and Silly Conductor Hat.

5. The yellow car was Duckey.

6. Your butter melted.

7. Gave the supplies to an orphan.

8. Peanut M&M's - oh how I miss these.

9. Hop then run in circles until he falls down.

10. Owl

11. Clever, very clever. Chicka, Lightining McQueen, Sonot Rod, Romoe, Sheriff.

12. Smashing Easter Eggs

13. Flooding.

14. Mr Daddy climbs towers. Not sure the correct type, but they are towers.

15. Not sure that this is right. 5 lbs. Goose was 5.7 when we brought her home.

This was so much fun going back to catch up on all the things before I started reading. You have a very blessed family, with wonderful memories.

Hope you guys have a great weekend. said...


Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

Elyse said...

Happy Birthday! I just entered my answers :)

Carebear said...

Great card! LOL. I want to enter the giveaway, but am embarrassed by how few answers I know... Have you ever seen those quizzes on Facebook that people post called "How well do you know me"? I'm terrible at them. I got a 28% on my sister's the first time I took it and we're practically identical twins!!! But I am coveting that giftcard so I'll give the giveaway a go tomorrow!

Carebear said...

Oh, and did I tell you Happy Birthday yet? If not, oops - Happy Birthday girl!!!

BTW, what is ANBU?

Stacy said...

That card is AWESOME! LOL...what a great one! :)

Pam said...

OMGosh that is absolutely hysterical! And the card is really funny, too. I think I would've peed my pants for sure.
What a nice birthday surprise.

Looks like everyone has been busy lately. Glad it's not just me. I was beginning to think there was something wrong and I was the only one stuck in the middle of it. It's pretty bad when you don't even have time to READ everyone's blogs much less comment, email friends or post new stuff on your own blog!

Only 2 more days of making lunches and driving carpool and WE ARE DONE! Maybe then I can get back to my normal blogging life. I can't wait.

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